Why Eschatology

Why is end times or eschatological understanding important ?

People have thought in times gone by that they were sincerely in the last days. It certainly seemed so due to the local nature of events. There in lies the reason. It was local and not global as escatalogical matters should be placed in that context. People today therefore conclude that this provides an on going issue with the conclusion of escatological events happening in there time being irrelevant. They need to be reminded of the bigger picture to a global setting and it's relevance therefore to timing especially as a gentile.

  •  27% of the bible is Prophetic
  •  Warnings.
  • Awareness.
  • Biblical illumination.
  • Clarity and hope.
  • The gospel of the kingdom.
  • Character of God.


Excuses not to have it.

  •  Only need the simple Gospel.
  •  Too difficult to understand.
  •  Too many interpretations.
  •  It will all pan out syndrome.
  •  Irrelevant.