A Conclusive Understanding - Free E-Book

With so much deception in respect to the return of the lord, the times we live in, and basically end time issues, there is a time now for more of the truth to be given.


  • Autobiography
  • Why is eschatology important?
  • Problems in teaching Eschatology today in Western countries.
  • The problems and reasons for not understanding eschatology.
  • The signs of the times.
  • Significance of the four red moons
  • What will things be like when the Lord Returns
  • Why Satan does not want Christians ready for the Lords return.
  • The Rapture of the Church. (Fact or fiction)
  • Eschatology and Ufology.
  • The removal of the church completely from the earth.
  • Typologies of the rapture.
  • Direct scriptures relating to the removal of the Church.
  • Wrath of Satan and wrath of God
  • Deceptions happening today in churches
  • The Day of the Lord
  • The Lords effect on time.
  • Vision of Return of Jesus - Coming Soon!

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