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Subjects for talking about

Why is this subject Relevent

  1. Why is end times or eschatological understanding is important.
    1. 27% of the bible is Prophetic
    2. Warnings.
    3. Awareness.
    4. Biblical illumination.
    5. Clarity and hope.
    6. The gospel of the kingdom.
    7. Character of God.
    8. Told To
  2. Excuses not to have it.
    1. Only need the simple Gospel.
    2. Too difficult to understand.
    3. Too many interpretations.
    4. It will all pan out syndrome.
    5. Irrelevant.
    6. Creates Fear
    7. Apathy

Problems in teaching today in Western countries

  1. Protestant exegesis.
  2. Made up Serology. L G Ladd "Systemic theology"
  3. Arnold Fruchdenbirm "Systemic theology the Missing link "Isrealology".
  4. Western formulations.
  5. Deception.
  6. Non acceptable criteria with the general protestant flavour.
  7. Misinterpretation and lack of understanding.
  8. Hidden agendas for self purposes.
  9. Demonic influence and deliberate error.
  10. Wolves in sheep's clothing.
  11. False prophets, teachers and shepherds.
  12. How to explain end times.
  13. The importance of Hebrew exegesis vs Protestant exegesis..
  14. Midrashic principals.
  15. Typological construction.
  16. Premises of interpretation.
  17. The prophetic understanding in Hebrew.
  18. The proper use of
    1. : Futuristic.
    2. : Historic
    3. : Polemic.
    4. : Preterist
    5. : Allegorical (no literal)
    6. : Literal

What the Holy Spirit explicitly and implicitly says. (1 Tim 4:1)

How to clear up misinterpretations and multiple interpretations regarding Eschatology or theology related to end times.

Text out of context is a co text , pretext. Xxxx

Having a problem at church in regards to end time issues. I can help you.

Signs of his return

Re establishment of Israel as a nation.

False prophets, sects, cults. (Mark 13:22), (2 Tim 4:1 – 4)

Rise of Occultism and Demonization. Isaiah 44:23: 49:13 (1Tim 4:1)

Gospel to end of Earth.

Increase of Knowledge. (Dan 12 : 4b) (Amos 8:12)

Fear and Distress. ( Luke 21:25 – 7), (Isaiah13:10), Joel 2:10 Dan 7:13, 14

Lawlessness & corruption. 2Tim 3:1 - 5