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The Day of the Lord

The Day of the Lord

Mentioned 27 times.
People get confused with the term. One thing I am absolutely certain unless the Lord shows me otherwise is that the Rapture of the church and "the day of the lord" occur at the same time. In fact the removal of the church ushers in " the day of the Lord" When we look at the circumstances, the time it happens, why it happens and when relating them to other typological examples in the bible we see that the timing is always associated with the rescue of Gods, believers Jewish and gentiles. The day of the Lord happens suddenly like a thief in the night. It always happens during the night. Jacob wrestled with the angle through the night. In other words Israel as and those who are not messianic will go through the tribulation. It is the result of this that the lord returns at the end of the tribulation. They realise the one whom they have pierced, repent and mourn consequently causing the Lord to return that brings an end to the tribulation period. This is why Satan wants to destroy the Jews. He some how thinks by doing so he will avert the return of the Lord.
There are a number of results when this event happens.

  1. It will come as a snare on people. People will be trapped.Lk 22:21
  2. It will happen suddenly.
  3. It will come as a shock for people. 1Thes 5; 1
  4. It will come as a division for people. Matt 24:40 - 42 the distinction between take and taken have two different meanings.
  5. It will come as a time of darkness and war. Joel 2
  6. It will come as a surprise. Lk 17:26 - 30, 2 Pet 3:8! Thes 5
  7. It will come as a seduction. Matt 24:1! Tim 4:1, 2 Tim3:1
  8. It will come as a time of suffering. Matt 24; 19-20, Mk 13:17-19

Half of the world's population dies. It ushers in a time of suffering.

Isaiah 51:6 - 7 ... the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke; the earth will wear like a garment and it's inhabitants will die like flies.

In Joel a list of things with regards to the falling of the Holy Spirit in the latter times and the effect of that is given. This has happened in part here and there around the world. The latter rain falls here and there in that wadee and that but not every ware at once. The text refers to Abrahams seed in the last days and therefore implies Israel and not the gentiles in the world. For this to occur results in a contradiction in the verse in regards to The Lords attention turning back to the true vine. If this is so then the latter rain starts fading out rather than building up as it does for the people mentioned in Joel. The early rain starts with the Jews and it will end with the Jewish people during the tribulation period.

Deceptions happening today in churches

If people do not understand the word of God and especially the basic truths regarding eschatology people will be deceived.

These are just a few headings that are deception today

  • Counterfeit spirit or Holy Spirit.
  • Replacement theology.
  • Kingdom now theology. (Reconstructionism)
  • Prosperity doctrine.
  • Hyper faith.
  • Agnostism. (A western helinisation of Jewism.)
  • Hyper charismania.
  • Nicholianism.
  • Monopiscopy.
  • Triumphalism.
  • Calvinism.
  • Apathy.
  • Over realized eschatology.
  • No eschatology.
  • False Israelogy or made up Isrealogy.
  • Rambunctionism.
  • Social Gospels. (Teaching to bring people into the church, compromising standards)
  • Etc, etc.

We are told what the Holy Spirit explicitly says in 1Tim 4:1-5 and what the Holy Spirit implicitly says elsewhere in texts in respect to wrong doctrines and the last days.

Every distortion of truth in religion will either deny the cross or leave it out.

1st deception today is the lack of interest in eschatology.

2nd deception No rapture.

No meaningful coviet today.


Math 24 False prophets are not the ones deceiving ungodly. They are already deceived. False Prophets are the ones coming into the church to deceive the elect if possible. Math 7, Acts 20?, Luke 21.

False Christ's


(These are the beginning of things to come.)

Dangers. 1: Obsession of events and therefore distortion.

2: No interest. The apathy of churches regarding this has increased greatly.

Another deception that many churches have been caught up in is the calling down of the Holy Spirit. This started with Linial Frisbee in America during the hippy movement.

Linial Frisby had an encounter with God on LSD spaced out in a cave. He began speaking to hippies everywhere telling them of the Love of God. I do believe God used him. He uses every thing for his purposes. Many hippies were baptised and came to the Lord. He attended Calvary Chapel Church. He was found to be in homosexual misconduct and stood down. He repented of this and was asked to speak at one of the services at Calvary Chapel.
He began calling down the Holy Spirit and the place went wild. People were making and imitating all kinds of things surnomonous to a zoo. It was then that Linal Frisbee was asked to stop and step down. Linal Frisbee died tree weeks later from aids...

These phenomena continued with John Whimber who was told to leave Calvary Chapel for mysticism.

The wrong understanding of the functionality of the Holy Spirit and how he works has led to a counterfeit spirit that God allows. People think they can drum up or call down the Holy Spirit when they do not have the right... Some people are sincere in this aspect and God will show them. The Holy Spirit is never called down any where that I am aware of in the bible. People everywhere have been saying come Holy Spirit forgetting that the baptism of the Holy Spirit automatically happens through repentance. Refreshing happens through getting right with God. This was how revivals occurred. People were convicted. God can do some strange things by his power and the presence of the Holy Spirit may result in some interesting reactions but it is never from the fruits of the spirit. E.g. self control purity, etc.
When people start praying for the Holy Spirit and start behaving like animals and saying they can't control themselves this is not the Holy Spirit. In fact it is a judgement of God. Incidentally there is no where in the bible that it says to pray to the Holy Spirit apart from the verse that says "if you ask for a fish will he not give you the holy spirit". Yes but in baptism. This is in no means a directive to be calling down the spirit continuously. In fact it just becomes a mantra. We do not have the authority to be calling down the Holy Spirit. Sure we can ask out of ignorance and sincerity but that is up to the lord and he says in all your petitions make it known to the Father through his son Jesus Christ.

The job of the Holy Spirit is always to lead us to Jesus and we can not see the father but through Jesus Christ. When we have a Holy Spirit or Father centred church we have missed the point it has to be Christ centred.

The apostles laid hands on people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit after known sin was repented. When people are after something else other than what the Holy Spirit wants then a counterfeit spirit is allowed. The fruit is a lot of manifestation and falling away. Satan plays them along and they go for a sixer. They end up in a worst state than before. Some go ultracalvanistic afraid to have anything to do with the spirit.

Pensacola, Toronto and Florida had these false moves of the spirit and look at the fruit of them now. Some people were genuinely caught up in the movements who sincere hearts had for the Lord and the lord met them but others who were in it for something else got something else but it was not of God.
How many people still are caught up in this way of thinking? They still call down the spirit as though they think they have a right too and wait on the spirit. Jesus says "in all your requests make it known to your father through his son Jesus Christ". Waiting on the spirit is fine as long as God has told you too.

Often people take the Pentecost example to apply to themselves when it was for the apostles then and there and because God told them to. Many times we can take scriptures out of context and we need to be aware of this. How many people think that the jailer and his family all coming to the lord applies to our family, when it applied to the jailer's family in acts? Jesus told the disciples to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is he telling us to wait?!

When people encounter the Holy Spirit it is life changing. I was going to a vineyard church here in Christchurch; they prayed and fasted for a month while the pastor was overseas or elsewhere doing something. I remembered the amount of times the people kept asking and calling down the Holy Spirit as though they owned him. Sometimes people would be shaking and other times nothing happened which does not mean nothing was happening. God knows who is sincere and whose hearts are right and I would say that God might have done something. I do not know all but what I do know is that when the pastor returned he openly confessed that a lot of people were having affairs, were into this and into that and were actually backsliding.

I wrote to this pastor to challenge him after all the Holy spirit was asked to come down and any encounter with the spirit in the way they were wanting an encounter would have results in the opposite direction. Apparently I heard that what was happening was that people were coming under attack because they were moving on with God. I never got a reply from the pastor. The whole episode was a joke.

Insert vid

Another situation I believe needs mentioning is watching leadership speaking to congregations. Now I do not know weather there was anyone new or near new in the congregation. If there was they would be subject to watching a person speaking and allowing him or herself to be supposedly hit by the power of God through the Holy Spirit. Some of these leaders would contort and stiffen and do the odd little twists and turns, their voice also contorting then gaining composure. They may have complete control in that situation and allowing oneself to be affected by it. The issue is it says to avoid the appearance of evil. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is gentleness, self control, kindness etc. My question is "do you think the Holy Spirit the gentile nature he is would manifest like that full well knowing that a new person in the church maybe there.

To begin with it would seem the person is out of control and therefore contrary to Gods promises about his gifts.

I do not believe the Holy Spirit would present himself like that to a none or new believer as it's too space cadets.

I don't believe he would manifest like that in a person to reveal his power like that full stop. It has to be concluded that this is something else other than God.

Fourthly if I was a teacher and allowed myself to be effected like that in front of people am I being sensitive enough.

In some situations it maybe okay depending on who's and how the Holy Spirit is leading. The moment a person is out of control or cannot control by decision what is allowed to happen this then will not be the Holy Spirit.

1: To the Holy spirit.
2: To other people who are new and watching.
3: Is this the character of God to be like this in front of people?

Sometimes God does things out of the ordinary but never in contradiction to the aspect of divine order.

Privately it maybe a whole different story I do wonder though whether too much emphasis has gone into out of control manifestation and people being confused with the disciples being drunk at Pentecost which they weren't.

On the other side I have been to churches that are not open to the Holy Spirits gifting consequently shutting or disallowing the functionality of the spirit to operate in the way it should. When this happens, man made programmes, control measures start to creep in, leading into monoppistic, Nicolailistic and other non spirit led programmes which is proof that the leadership have their own agenda's.

Often people misquote the whole aspect of being drunk in the spirit to the disciples at Pentecost. I have heard leaders and preachers talking about this saying that the disciples were drunk in the spirit. No they were not. People around them thought they were drunk not because they were staggering around out of control but because they were talking in other tongues or languages. The Lord has a deliberate aversion to this state of being drunk. People tried to accuse Himself of being drunk in (Math 11:19)

.He warns people in Joel about being drunk but tells them to be sober in spirit. There is actually no such thing as being drunk in the spirit. When people claim to be intoxicated and out of control this then is not the Holy Spirit. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control. There is a difference between letting go to the power of the Holy Spirit but when one can't stop a manifestation or power encounter going on then this is a counterfeit spirit. People don't get intoxicated that is poisonous they are filled with the Holy Spirit or refreshed or baptised more.

This type of thing is going on or was everywhere. It will happen again and this time it will happen in such deception with supposed miracles and froth and bubble that it will sweep people into the net. I have heard so many false prophecies about God is going to do this and God is going to do that and he doesn't There is a prophecy about God moving in a huge wave about to fall on everyone. Really? Be careful if it is in the nature of what I am talking about it won't be God. It's usually the minority that has it right not the majority. When mass events are taking place be very careful. I talked to a friend who was convinced that because a church is big proves that it is right. Really?
Did Jesus have healing crusades? It is not impossible for a lot of people to be involved in something of God but we need to be listening to the Holy Spirit. Towards the end many will fall away. So much for mass and Global revivals or the notion that we will change the world for Christ. Kingdom Know theology are into that.

As you can see from just this exposition a number of deceptions have been discussed and are taking place. I could go onto naming people like the bible does. A number of these people are dead. Some of them God has judged and destroyed them. It is not a laughing matter but very serious and understandably so.
There are times when the power of God seems to slay people. I remember being at a prayer session with my fellow YWAM'ers, Youth With A Mission praying for this Dutch guy. He suddenly fell backwards and hit the concrete floor with a whack and stood up after a few minutes perfectly fine.

Another time a friend of mine witnessed a couple who got slain in the spirit or what ever was happening and they fell back into the music pit off the stage. They floated down like feathers from a four and half foot high stage.

Incidentally the true power of God is always through resurrection.

So there are times when things are out of our control but it is not in the way of out of control manifestations.

When people start calling down the spirit or start asking the spirit to come along side them and do what ever they are then calling God a liar. Especially if they have already been baptised in the Holy Spirit. The spirit already resides within us so what are they asking for. We already have the power we need the faith. The fullness of the spirit requires a clean heart which needs repentance. This brings about the example regarding the belt of truth.

The belt of truth had the rest of the armour connected to it. It was strategic and instrumental to the functionality of the armour of God. The belt was made of flax. Flax has the ability to absorb water, a type for the Holy Spirit as other liquids are. The strength of the belt depended on it.

In other words he who abides in the truth the Holy Spirit will abide in him. This is why repentance is so important. Also the truth actioned always resulted in the Holy Spirit to flow. Jeremiah was told to place his belt in a cave. When he came back after a period of time the belt had disintegrated. The truth need to be out worked otherwise the spirit will dry up in us.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

Why Satan does not want Christians ready for the Lords return

The opposition to the subject of eschatology is real. The number of churches and their many excuses to ignore the subject have already been deceived and is proof in it's self of satins work in blinding the leaders of these churches and therefore the sheep under them. Satan knows if he has them not ready for the Lords return then he has the majority of them. He knows they will not make it through the tribulation he knows they will fall away. Those who are serious about the lord will find that they will be praying for their pastors over this matter or moved on to areas where they can share or be fed. The opposition that I have encountered has been overwhelming at times and has only by the will of God that I have been able to continue in this matter. People argue that if we are right with the lord why bring eschatology up. If it is brought forth in the word of God then it needs to be taught.

Kingdom theology vs. kingdom now theology

Kingdom theology is to do with the return of the lord and our readiness for that. Kingdom now theology deals with the setting up the kingdom for his return. Though the aspects of a functioning kingdom are emphasized the full aspect cannot be realised until the lord sets his kingdom up here. He is waiting for us to be ready yes and he has his timing but to disregard the eschatological matters in this aspect is being unbiblical. The materialist,” name it claim it", "hyper faith", "God wants you rich" etc have an ever increasing scenario of prosperity. With that is lumped the miracles and faith aspects again related to a kingdom now theology because it presents a functioning kingdom on earth. To do so in our time brings a false sense of security based on the premise that disregards the tribulation, a great falling away, the rapture, many eschatological events etc. These people are not interested in the truth regarding these matters and understandably so it challenges their relationship to God and not Gods relationship with them.

What are they living for? If their life style comes first then they will not be ready for the Lords return.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

What will things be like when the Lord Returns

Again we can look at the many typologies as well as the direct warnings.

The five foolish virgins gives us an account of five people who new the customs of the waiting of the bride but did not have their lamps full. In other words they got lazy or did not bother to have enough oil. It was not a case of just running out of oil they new how much was needed. This speaks of allowing things into our lives that cause us not to walk in the truth, not to repent or things that causes us to be caught in the world to which the Holy Spirit no longer abides in us. Half the churches here maybe like this...

"As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the end of the age" We have a time of lawlessness. It is definitely in  relation with regards to the law of Christ. In other words those things that pertain to the spirit of Christ. The things that do not pertain to that will be rebellion, ungodliness, religiousity, strife, pride etc. “2 Tim 3:1 - 8”

There will come a time in the future where things will get that bad on earth that out of Gods mercy he will judge it. If not no flesh would survive. I talks about a time like no other and that there will not be a time like it again. This is post raptorial.

It must be emphasised here that this is not the environment that the church is removed from. This is the environment that the world ends up in once the church is removed. The removal of the church ushers in the worst time ever. The preservation of man kind will be removed. The salt of the earth is no longer preserving it... the church is symbolised as salt. Take salt out of meat and see what happens.

So to understand what was happening in the time and what will be happening before the lord returns we go back to those typological examples.

In Joseph's time there will be a ruling system. Egypt was ruled by the Pharaohs. You had a level of rule that society worked from. The Roman Empire also worked in the same way. The common element between the two was the representation of God by Man. These antichrist figures also convey the antichrist figure ruling at the time when the church is removed.

Revelations 12:5 with some events in the paste we see that there are times when the apple is going bad. That badness is not fully ripe but certainly is in the onset before the Kings return for his Bride. Take Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and the Flood, 300 AD look at how things were take the idolatry going on in the city of Rehab.


The decline of morality. When same sex marriages as normal and the acceptance of even animal and people marriages being okay as it was in the Roman and Egyptian times in our western society’s then start looking up. It is bad enough the fact we have fornication, adultery, promiscuity going on but to start doing those things that are unnatural brings a whole new dimension. It is those unnatural things that result in the intervention of God.

I can understand the odd relapse of those who have issues to which the lord sorts out with ones submissiveness but to see things going to social scales as they are is indicative of the times we live in.

I am a New Zealander and we have a bill, “The Louise Walls Bill” presented now that will redefine the boundaries of marriage. A minister I know will leave the register of people being able to conduct marriages. He will no longer be in a position to refuse to conduct a same sex marriage as this will be deemed as a criminal offence under the new law if passed. He and other ministers will need to do this outside the boundaries of the Law. To live in the land and reap any benefits however they will need to be married under the law. At least the celebration can happen outside of the law.

Recently a friend of mine talked about a woman who was known to one of our All Blacks. I speak like this because the manner in which the woman conducted her affairs was professional and therefore was presented in a professional manner. The organising of big orgies in English estates with the selection of good looking men and woman was a constant job. I here similar things go on here to a small degree in North Canterbury. You would not think so but it does. What about the stuff I don't here about!!

I used to live in the city of Christchurch and I remember walking through the allies at a time when night clubs and the whole night life scene was in full swing. I thought to myself that this city is named after the Lords church and thought how long will this carry on. Shortly after we had the earthquakes and the whole night club scene disappeared. Three years later I look at the bus stop booths with the poster of two guys, one with his legs over the other guys legs with the words 'love your Condom" Not only am I repulsed but realise that unless the morality is not addressed in this city it again will be judged.

As the different kingdoms become more defined the eventual physical rift between the two has to occur. Heaven and hell cannot exist together.


There will be a world leader at that time, he will deceive and trick many just like the pharaoh in Egypt with Israel. People take the scripture "he who holds him back will do so until he is taken away" in reference to the antichrist. The Holy spirit maybe taken from the world but never taken from the believers. There is no where it says that the Holy Spirit, often referred to "he”, is taken out of the earth at that time.

Acts 7:17 - 20. Although this passage deals with Israel it's indicative of how this guy will behave and since we most likely will see him how he will endeavor to trick Gods people as well obviously. He will trick the Jews into a false peace. (Dan 9.27). Three times more than any other warning we are told do not be deceived. I've wondered how many people will fall for the false prophets and I’m speaking about Christians. Get a guy who has all the Christianized behavior, someone charismatic or humble who does miracles who can call down fire from heaven. How many people do you think will believe that to be the Holy Spirit? How many people who do not understand the functionality of the Holy Spirit will fall for that?

A person with the answers to the world’s problems will readily be accepted by the world. They already wait for the appearing of an avatar type figure and how much more so when the earth begins to stagger to and throw.

As in Noah’s time people will be eating, drinking, and marrying giving in marriage just like always.

When we look at the period before Gods wrath or "the day of the Lord" We see that the world is in a state of false peace .People are eating and marrying carrying on as though everything is fine. Persecution of Christians and anti Semitism will be on the rise then suddenly something happens.

The wrath of Satan will be occurring at this time. It will be a time of hatred for the people of God and the Jewish people. It will be a time of hatred for anything of God or representational of God.

When the harvest is ripe evil will be ripe and good will be ripe.

The false religious system will bring the political system against the bride of Christ. This is typified in the example of Jezebel and Ahab. Elisha with other types in the bible such as John the Baptist with the woman Herodotus and Herod who was against John. These women typify the false religious systems who will try to destroy the Israel and the Bride. The Pharacies against Jesus all are symbolized by the false system, the deceitful woman.

Most of Christendom will be following false teachers and false prophets as Israel will be with false rabbles etc.

What happened in the last days of Babylon. It happened in 70AD and it will happen again. The majority will follow the false prophets who will prophecy safety, prosperity and peace.

Only those who follow Jesus make it out before the true prophets prophecies come into being The Magi were responsible for the selection of kings. They were the wise men, the wise men that brought the gifts to Jesus when he was a baby. They were aware of the times they new of the significance of signs in the heavens of prophetic events about to unfold.

They were watching. The remnant are always watching.

What Joel prophesied will happen in the end times. It was partially fulfilled in 70AD (The Wars of the Jews) but it will ultimately be fulfilled in the end.

We will enter tribulational times but we will always be saved or rescued out of it. This is always the case in the events in the bible.

We need to be aware of:

  1. Re establishment of Israel as a nation.
  2. False prophets, sects, cults. (Mark 13:22), (2 Tim 4:1 – 4)
  3. Rise of Occultism and Demonisation. Isaiah 44:23: 49:13 (1Tim 4:1)
  4. Gospel to end of Earth. 5: Increase of Knowledge. (Dan 12: 4b) (Amos 8:12)
  5. Fear and Distress. (Luke 21:25 – 7), (Isaiah13:10), Joel 2:10 Dan 7:13, 14
  6. Lawlessness & corruption. 2Tim 3:1 – 5

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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The Signs of the Times



What is important to the believer here is some of these things will be post rapture.

When the weather goes Crazy.

The alarmists who try to manipulate society for money purposes are setting themselves up for such a deception that what they believe in will seem factual. The Lord controls the weather but here we have scientists who are not being scientific in their investigations who say we are the result of weather pattern diversity. When I worked for the Canterbury museum as a research analysis my job was to label and itemize specific news events from the 19th century news papers. They had far worse weather patterns back there than know, especially over in the Canterbury area. Regardless we can see how God could easily hand people other to the deception of there control in weather patterns. Personally I think this is what he will do. He will give them there worst fears resulting in them being deceived by their own intent. I can see the Lord also really giving them something to think about also. When the church is off this earth then the church can not be blamed for things. I'm sure they will try to find something though. How wrong they will be because things will progressively get worse. It talks about a time when the ground will be constantly shaking, chasms opening up, fire and danger. The apocrypha and other prophetic books talk about this.

This is not to say that sudden unusual events are not happening but to hinge end times on that is not evidential enough. An increase in these events will certainly get peoples attention.

The book of Matt 24 talks about these times. Jesus refers some of it to the time after his death and then in the future. Locally and none locally, changing emphasis in the middle of the chapter.

There will be distress everywhere and some places more than others.

2Tim 3:1 -10 deals with Godlessness within the so called believers. There are People who are learning but never acknowledging the truth. One wonders the state of the church in situations like this.

When we look at the time of Noah they were eating and drinking until the flood took them all away. So one can say that life is functional in some aspect.

Where does it lie in the scope when Jesus says, "when you see these things begin to happen look up for your redemption draws near" Is not looking for those things seeking a sign? If this is the case why give prophecies to inform people of the times they live in. It's obvious that the lord is referring to something else with regards to a false generation looking for signs. We must look at all the relevant things taking place in a holistic view to the criteria given for a balanced approach in determining end time issues. It says a "false generation seeks a sign". A balanced Christian will have wisdom and know what to be looking for rather than the signs within this context.

It talks about earthquakes, pestilence, rumors of war. Is this only implying Israel?
In part yes but globally as well.

Astronomically as well. Stars falling, the sun not giving its light, the moon turning red.
In part it is a reflection of the Light of the lord diminishing and the moon being the bride in a state of persecution. Nature reflects many aspects of mans circumstances. “Creation groans for the liberation of the sons of man” In other word until the curse of sin is broken off it will always have an effect on nature. Anything other is what God ordains.


We are warned three times more than any other warning about being deceived at the end of the age. This is one of the main signs. It started with deception and Satan knows his greatest weapon is deception. In away people bring it upon themselves as well. They at least become open to it. This begs the question; can the true followers of God be deceived? Why would God allow them? Personally I can not see this happening unless a deliberate attempt of idolatrous behavior is favored.

We are warned against false messiahs of whom there will be many towards the end.

We are warned against false teachers, people will be shocked at who are.

If I am aware of error or unbiblical beliefs or writings and mix the truth with that then I will be a false teacher. In (1 Thes 2:3 )we are told about impurity. Holiness does not allow it. There is grace yes when we are ignorant of the fact but even then one would think that they would be unsettled in there spirits regarding such matters.

When our lord brings his attention back onto the true vine then start looking up. The fullness of the gentiles is coming in.

I think it needs to be mentioned that with the holy spirit falling or the expectation of the holy spirit to move in people lives that a false or counterfeit spirit can be allowed to come a sa form of judgementment. I say this at this time as the phenomena of the Holy spirit moving associated with the latter rain should be distinguished by the resulting fruits.

The fruits associated with the holy spirit should be

1.Does it bring honour to the person of Jesus Christ?

2.Does it produce a greater hatred of sin and a greater love for righteousness?

3.Does it produce a greater regard for the scripture?

4.Doe it lead people into the trueth?

5.Does it produce a greater love for God and man? 

The Jewish messianic teachers call the phenomena of calling down the spirit in this fashion "strange fire" in fact it is a counterfeit spirit to the 'Holy spirit" when associated with the wrong motivations.

The priests in the Old Testament were only allowed to have there garments made of specific materials. The belt was to be specifically made of flax. Flax had the ability to absorb water symbolising the Holy Spirit as other liquids do too. Basically the belt being the belt of truth. Meaning abide in the truth and the Holy Spirit will continue to in dwell. Also through repentance was the Holy Spirit's influence reinstated. We seem to have a come holy spirit request with no repentance. How can the spirit come if it does it is only through the unction of the father through Jesus Christ. At his beckoning.

When people come to true salvation it is always repent , be baptised by fire and water. E.g. water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and not necessarily in that order.

The Holy Spirit will  cause repentence to happen.

This baptism is life changing and gives the people power to resist the devil. When pastors call down the Holy Spirit and power and I see people falling away after it or some strange experiential behaviour with no fruits of the spirit ultimately produced ,when does the penny drop. I see a setting people up for a fall ,ultimately the antichrist.

WE have a new age seeker friendly Christianity today. It's come to Jesus he loves you or how can we accommodate you. This is consumerism. When the fundamentals of ecclesiology is ignored or wrong the foundation of churches are wrong. The first Churches always had theology , the breaking of bread , Prayer , worship , evangelism as essential parts of the church. There are many interpretations of the word of God and many meanings but when they remove the contextual meaning in the exegesis of that writing or it becomes contradictory this then becomes error.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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Why Eschatology

Problems in teaching Eschatology today in Western countries.

  • Protestant exegesis.
  • Made up Isrealogy.  L G Ladd “Systemic theology” Corrected by (Arnald Fruchtenbirm) “Systemic theology the Missing link “Isrealology”.
  • Western formulations.
  • Deception.
  • Non acceptable criteria with the general protestant flavour.
  • Misinterpretation and lack of understanding.
  • Hidden agendas for self purposes.
  • Demonic influence and deliberate error.
  • Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • False prophets, teachers and shepherds.

With so much deception in respect of the return of the lord, the times we live and basically end time issues, there is a time now for more of the truth to be given.

The truth will continued to be given more and more before the return of the lord. It will become more and clearer. It is so important to realize this. Why? God’s character is not to hide reality from us. The purposes of clarity, encouragement, warning, fulfillment and evangelism are some of the reasons.

Above all he wants us to be ready for his return and to make people aware.

The Holy Spirit is revealing more and more regarding the truth of end times as we get closer to the Lords return.

The subject of eschatology, "the study of end times" is one that has a whole host of excuses why it is not taught or worst no longer needed. It's not that people have given it a bad name or that there’s no point, when really the main thing is to be ready at all times. Following the lord we will be ready but there are some major issues needing to be addressed to the reason why we need to go further than this. The fact that Jesus does not discount end time warnings in the bible is indicative that he obviously wants us to be aware. It's not that a local event and concern at that time is being addressed since midrashic and typological principles still apply.

They apply not only on a local bases but a global one and it is this aspect that eschatology becomes more relevant.

Much misunderstanding is attributed to this subject but in reflection of my own life has not been hugely off. I’ve just found that I have not been able to move forward much until the Lord has shown me. Things did not add up. There were contradictions. Then clearly as bells the lord showed me. He said that I could not understand this subject in a Western mind set that I needed to come from a bases of Israelology. So a shift from Protestant to Hebrew exegesis was required. It was only then that clearer understanding began to happen. He would bring the right teachers and books my way. I can see that people already maybe saying how do you know that your right? Of course I am not perfect and clearer understanding is given the closer the return of the Lord. You the reader or listener must judge that for your selves. If I am right the Holy Spirit will confirm that. I have to be obedient to the calling I have in this ministry which suggested by a friend I should call "lookup ministries"

There have been many misunderstandings or questions due to the fact that there are many false teachers out there, people who have not allowed the Lord to show them. It's evident and wide spread and hence the importance of the subject to be taught properly again. The lord wants us to feed on the wheat, true theology, not tares. Tares looks like wheat. You can eat it but it has no nutritional value at all. In fact it will end up killing you.

There are misunderstood aspects such as the return of the Lord for his bride as opposed to the Lord returning at the end of the tribulation, the pouring of the spirit in the last days.

The gospel being preached to the ends of the earth as apposed to the fullness of the Gentiles coming in or even the times of the Gentiles and on and on it goes. God is not an author of confusion and it does say to study that you may have an answer for all things. Kings search out matters.

I hope to go through and give greater understanding to these matters as the Lord has given greater understanding to me as the time of his return for his bride approaches.

The epistles were written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and were made simple for basic readers. The books of Thessalonians and Corinthians are for those who wish to get a simple view in respect to the return of the Lord. Deeper understanding of these subjects and others needs a biblical background basis. For this we obviously need to go back to how the bible was interpreted from the beginning. We thus need to go back to how Jesus taught and what he meant when he taught. To do that we need to see how Hebrew understanding of the word of God applies e.g. Hebrew exegesis.

Midrashic and typological principles are the way that the Hebrew sees scripture. Conservative evangelical teachers affirm the use of midrashic hermeneutics throughout history. They illuminate and clarify scripture giving greater understanding and meaning. Scripture used to be taught in these ways however this has all been left behind especially in protestant circles these days.

Other aspects plainly point to the future. It is these that you would think God might leave out. I say this because people tell me that as long as our lives are alright with the Lord we will be ready. The character of God is called to stake here as he wants us to know the details. He wants us to know more though, obviously more. We are told what the Holy spirit implicitly says and what the Holy spirit explicitly says concerning the end of the age... We are told to "study that we may have an answer for all things".

There also is the aspect of kingdom theology that specifically deals with the return of the lord. Also having the concern to comfort people with a message of hope, e.g. "When you see these things begin to happen look up for your redemption draws nigh". "He tells people to be ready and to keep watch for you do not know when the lord will come." Math 24:42, specifically there are warnings for Israel and therefore to the gentiles as well. One has to consider the amount of warning given in the evangelic Books, which are the New Testament books, in regards to eschatological matters. If we are being told and being taught in regards to these matters then it needs to be taught to other people for the sake of greater understanding. This can not be ignored and as one delves into more aspects of the bible you cannot escape eschatology. It's all connected and interrelated. We also need to warn people, it becomes in away an indictment. If people are warned and nothing is done the consequences follow.

The method of how we understand eschatological aspects has caused many to give up on understanding. False teachers come in here and say this is why this is not important. The fact is that these teachers are demonically inspired and have an agenda of deliberate deception. (1Tim 4:1) .

Those that follow these teachers are ignorant to the facts to which the Lord will show them the truth. Those who accept these teachings have similar hearts to the teachers.

However if they were honest with the Lord about things he will show them as he has shown me. When people deliberately turn their back on the truth and therefore the Lord he hands them over. Romans 1:24-26. The subject is important and more so as we move closer to his return. The more we get closer to the end the greater the deception and one of those is the apathy generated by false doctrine to dumping down this subject or teaching error...

Western culture has forgotten the way scripture was taught in early days and have now resorted to Greek and Protestant exegesis. (A Western hellinisation mind set)

We only go as far as to achieve sensible understanding of scripture within the context.

We seem to leave it at that and go no further. The problem is that it requires far deeper understanding sometimes. God will give greater understanding in the last days. Revelation is given for those who are his.

Understanding scripture will be very important in association to our faith in the last days. We need to distinguish how Jesus taught about end time subjects.

Four ways of interpretation are:

  1. Prederistic: Already happened but going to happen again in the future.
  2. Historicism: Everything has happened in the early church.
  3. Polemism: Revelation given to encourage Christians through persecution.
  4. Futurism: Is all going to happen in the future.

Western thinking is that there are predictions and they are yet to happen. They categorize them into the four labels thus shown.

Hebrews thinking is that there are multiple fulfillments, recapitulations of events giving a pattern to an ultimate fulfillment.

The Jews understood all four. Jesus used all four to explain end times. One moment he would be explaining something in their time and then jumps to the future. Sometimes he would use all four in one paragraph.

People argue and ask the question "how do we know that we are living in the last days". Persecution and some aspects of eschatological events are already happening with people. Chinese, Middle Eastern Christians have been persecuted for years.

Specific catastrophes have been happening here and there. False prophets and deception have been here and there. People have thought in times gone by that they were sincerely in the last days. It certainly seemed so due to the local nature of events. There in lies the reason. It was local and not global as escatalogical matters should be placed in that context. People today therefore conclude that this provides an on going issue with the conclusion of escatological events happening in there time being irrelevant. They need to be reminded of the bigger picture to a global setting and it's relevance therefore to timing especially as a gentile.

These are some of the things that have been happening already so what determines the closeness of the Lords return. It is not just those things but everything summative that is happening. Some things apply locally for Israel such as in (Joel) and some things globally for all mankind. E.g. the amount of Jewish people coming to the lord at this time, more than any other time in fact. What does the lord say explicitly and implicitly will be happening in the last days. Weather for Israel or the world, each determines timing. We are not given dates but simply what will be happening in that time.

So Gods heart is to inform people and our job should be to as well and is why he has teachers. Many non believers want to know what is happening today. They will certainly want to know what happening up ahead when the fabric of society starts to be undermined and the stability of the world is at stake. There will come a time too when people won't be worried. When everything seems to be at peace and stability has returned. This apathy will catch many people off guard. The day of the lord covers this in my other writings. "Peace, peace then sudden destruction."

It says to "study to show thy self approved that we may have an answer to all things"

Also Prov 19:2 "It is not good for a soul to be without Knowledge".

The question must also be asked why there is a blessing for those who read Revelation.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

Lookup Ministries, the study of eschatology or more commonly known as end times. People are, and will be wondering about the things happening, and the things about to happen. This website gives a clear up to date understanding of what is happening and the things about to happen. It gives understanding from a biblical basis and seeks to comfort those now and in the future. I have been led, and prophetically, been given the mandate to present this teaching to believers in these times. This is a web site that warns people to be ready for the return of the Lord before the "the day of the Lord" It gives a better understanding beyond protestant exegesis revealing the character of God and his concern for his beloved bride. How are we to be and what are we to look for.

Be ready and do not be left behind. This web site seeks to encourage people to lift up their heads in a time of uncertainty. It gives people the option of seeing the things taking place and to look to the hope given. Not only can we be prepared but excited of events unfolding and what this means to the believers of Christ Jesus. Without hesitation I can say, "look up for your redemption draws near".


There seems to be a number of people who are having visions of the Lords return with a warning that it is closer than people think.

My Pastor Ed Carlson, David Jones, Ian Mac Cormick, Mary K Baxter, Dr Ebby and others have had visions of his return and the catching up of the believers. Some have had the vision twenty years ago. Some very recently with warnings of how close he is to returning for his Bride.

I talk to people who have become quite apathetic about the return of the Lord. They make excuses up or still think they have plenty of time. It is at that time when one should be even more alert.

No one knows the day or the hour of the Lords return true and this should not be used as an excuse to ignore the possibility that he could return at any time.

Remember the disciples asked “Tell us, ‘they said, ‘when will this happen? And what will be the signal of your return at the end of the age.”

Jesus began to tell them. He did not say don’t worry when it happens it will happen but instead at some length began to tell them what will be happening and what to look out for. By doing so he not only said what will be happening at the end of the age but what will happen from the time he had finished that sermon to the end of the age.

He commands us to watch.

So to have the attitude that he won’t come yet or he’s delaying his coming or it won’t be for a long time yet is deceiving.

The lord gives an account of people in those days, scoffers, who say “when will he return?” The question in context is spoken rhetorically and mockingly.

Many people are not heeding the warnings thinking things will just carry on as they always have been. Look out, for when you least expect it suddenly he will return.

A couple of examples are given in that we need to take notice.

The parable of, “The five foolish virgins.”

At first there were ten virgins who were ready for the Bridegroom but five became apathetic and let their oil run out. The lord tarried and they thought they had time. Their attention went elseware. “Song of Solomon.”

The same happens in the “Song of Solomon” There are two lovers. One is ready and the other isn’t when the king comes to the door.

The lover that isn’t is in bed dreaming and when she awakes it is too late and she has missed the chance.

What it is really saying is how much they love the Lord. Obviously not deep enough. Those who really mean business with the lord will be ready for him. They won’t become apathetic they will not be caught up in the things of the world. This is a form of idolatry. Who is first in our lives? Remember the sower. They will seek the truth and won’t be overcome by the world which is at enmity to the Lord.

It is a time more than ever to be vigilant and as the Lord gets nearer and nearer. In one sense I need not write but only to warn. But if I do not warn then I am accountable. God always warns. He always warns us what will happen if we do not follow him. He is a loving God. A God that laid down his life for us.

Wisdom cries out here. Choose life.

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Why Eschatology

Why is end times or eschatological understanding important ?

People have thought in times gone by that they were sincerely in the last days. It certainly seemed so due to the local nature of events. There in lies the reason. It was local and not global as escatalogical matters should be placed in that context. People today therefore conclude that this provides an on going issue with the conclusion of escatological events happening in there time being irrelevant. They need to be reminded of the bigger picture to a global setting and it's relevance therefore to timing especially as a gentile.

  •  27% of the bible is Prophetic
  •  Warnings.
  • Awareness.
  • Biblical illumination.
  • Clarity and hope.
  • The gospel of the kingdom.
  • Character of God.


Excuses not to have it.

  •  Only need the simple Gospel.
  •  Too difficult to understand.
  •  Too many interpretations.
  •  It will all pan out syndrome.
  •  Irrelevant.
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About Us

Look up ministries came about by the interest in eschatology and end times issues many years ago. As the Lord continued to show and point out things its relevance became more important. I then began to have specific words and prophecies in relation to the subject. Things take time, and the Lord has taken time to prepare this ministry. I have died to this calling numerous times,and the Lord has spoken to me very clearly about it. I have tried sometimes to get away from it but keep being reminded. Sometimes I just can't be bothered, and the Lord has warned me that if I don't continue he will find someone else and at times I have almost been tempted to let it go but do wonder at the consequence of doing that. The Lord has had to change my attitude and no wonder with such a subject as this. Many elders, leaders and pastors completely ignore the subject. This is in itself should be a wake up call to us all. 

Regardless of what people say it does have its place as it does in the bible. If it wasn't important it would not be in the bible, but it is.

The ministry seeks to make clear the whole area surrounding this topic. It serves to point out the relevancy in the times we live in and obviously more so to words the end.

It seeks to encourage people in what ever stage of life they are in and show the character of God and his concern for his people. We endeavour to comfort and bring an assurance to people in times of uncertainty and distress to bring the promises of God to people in uncertain times.

We hope to bring confidence about his promises and to give the opportunity to the salvation he offers through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's important that people here the truth of which the Holy Spirit an only be the witness of that. Look up ministries endeavours to bring and make clear the truth regarding all end time issues relevant to the believers before the lord returns. 


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