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Why Satan does not want Christians ready for the Lords return

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Why Satan does not want Christians ready for the Lords return

The opposition to the subject of eschatology is real. The number of churches and their many excuses to ignore the subject have already been deceived and is proof in it's self of satins work in blinding the leaders of these churches and therefore the sheep under them. Satan knows if he has them not ready for the Lords return then he has the majority of them. He knows they will not make it through the tribulation he knows they will fall away. Those who are serious about the lord will find that they will be praying for their pastors over this matter or moved on to areas where they can share or be fed. The opposition that I have encountered has been overwhelming at times and has only by the will of God that I have been able to continue in this matter. People argue that if we are right with the lord why bring eschatology up. If it is brought forth in the word of God then it needs to be taught.

Kingdom theology vs. kingdom now theology

Kingdom theology is to do with the return of the lord and our readiness for that. Kingdom now theology deals with the setting up the kingdom for his return. Though the aspects of a functioning kingdom are emphasized the full aspect cannot be realised until the lord sets his kingdom up here. He is waiting for us to be ready yes and he has his timing but to disregard the eschatological matters in this aspect is being unbiblical. The materialist,” name it claim it", "hyper faith", "God wants you rich" etc have an ever increasing scenario of prosperity. With that is lumped the miracles and faith aspects again related to a kingdom now theology because it presents a functioning kingdom on earth. To do so in our time brings a false sense of security based on the premise that disregards the tribulation, a great falling away, the rapture, many eschatological events etc. These people are not interested in the truth regarding these matters and understandably so it challenges their relationship to God and not Gods relationship with them.

What are they living for? If their life style comes first then they will not be ready for the Lords return.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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