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What will things be like when the Lord Returns

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What will things be like when the Lord Returns

Again we can look at the many typologies as well as the direct warnings.

The five foolish virgins gives us an account of five people who new the customs of the waiting of the bride but did not have their lamps full. In other words they got lazy or did not bother to have enough oil. It was not a case of just running out of oil they new how much was needed. This speaks of allowing things into our lives that cause us not to walk in the truth, not to repent or things that causes us to be caught in the world to which the Holy Spirit no longer abides in us. Half the churches here maybe like this...

"As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the end of the age" We have a time of lawlessness. It is definitely in  relation with regards to the law of Christ. In other words those things that pertain to the spirit of Christ. The things that do not pertain to that will be rebellion, ungodliness, religiousity, strife, pride etc. “2 Tim 3:1 - 8”

There will come a time in the future where things will get that bad on earth that out of Gods mercy he will judge it. If not no flesh would survive. I talks about a time like no other and that there will not be a time like it again. This is post raptorial.

It must be emphasised here that this is not the environment that the church is removed from. This is the environment that the world ends up in once the church is removed. The removal of the church ushers in the worst time ever. The preservation of man kind will be removed. The salt of the earth is no longer preserving it... the church is symbolised as salt. Take salt out of meat and see what happens.

So to understand what was happening in the time and what will be happening before the lord returns we go back to those typological examples.

In Joseph's time there will be a ruling system. Egypt was ruled by the Pharaohs. You had a level of rule that society worked from. The Roman Empire also worked in the same way. The common element between the two was the representation of God by Man. These antichrist figures also convey the antichrist figure ruling at the time when the church is removed.

Revelations 12:5 with some events in the paste we see that there are times when the apple is going bad. That badness is not fully ripe but certainly is in the onset before the Kings return for his Bride. Take Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and the Flood, 300 AD look at how things were take the idolatry going on in the city of Rehab.


The decline of morality. When same sex marriages as normal and the acceptance of even animal and people marriages being okay as it was in the Roman and Egyptian times in our western society’s then start looking up. It is bad enough the fact we have fornication, adultery, promiscuity going on but to start doing those things that are unnatural brings a whole new dimension. It is those unnatural things that result in the intervention of God.

I can understand the odd relapse of those who have issues to which the lord sorts out with ones submissiveness but to see things going to social scales as they are is indicative of the times we live in.

I am a New Zealander and we have a bill, “The Louise Walls Bill” presented now that will redefine the boundaries of marriage. A minister I know will leave the register of people being able to conduct marriages. He will no longer be in a position to refuse to conduct a same sex marriage as this will be deemed as a criminal offence under the new law if passed. He and other ministers will need to do this outside the boundaries of the Law. To live in the land and reap any benefits however they will need to be married under the law. At least the celebration can happen outside of the law.

Recently a friend of mine talked about a woman who was known to one of our All Blacks. I speak like this because the manner in which the woman conducted her affairs was professional and therefore was presented in a professional manner. The organising of big orgies in English estates with the selection of good looking men and woman was a constant job. I here similar things go on here to a small degree in North Canterbury. You would not think so but it does. What about the stuff I don't here about!!

I used to live in the city of Christchurch and I remember walking through the allies at a time when night clubs and the whole night life scene was in full swing. I thought to myself that this city is named after the Lords church and thought how long will this carry on. Shortly after we had the earthquakes and the whole night club scene disappeared. Three years later I look at the bus stop booths with the poster of two guys, one with his legs over the other guys legs with the words 'love your Condom" Not only am I repulsed but realise that unless the morality is not addressed in this city it again will be judged.

As the different kingdoms become more defined the eventual physical rift between the two has to occur. Heaven and hell cannot exist together.


There will be a world leader at that time, he will deceive and trick many just like the pharaoh in Egypt with Israel. People take the scripture "he who holds him back will do so until he is taken away" in reference to the antichrist. The Holy spirit maybe taken from the world but never taken from the believers. There is no where it says that the Holy Spirit, often referred to "he”, is taken out of the earth at that time.

Acts 7:17 - 20. Although this passage deals with Israel it's indicative of how this guy will behave and since we most likely will see him how he will endeavor to trick Gods people as well obviously. He will trick the Jews into a false peace. (Dan 9.27). Three times more than any other warning we are told do not be deceived. I've wondered how many people will fall for the false prophets and I’m speaking about Christians. Get a guy who has all the Christianized behavior, someone charismatic or humble who does miracles who can call down fire from heaven. How many people do you think will believe that to be the Holy Spirit? How many people who do not understand the functionality of the Holy Spirit will fall for that?

A person with the answers to the world’s problems will readily be accepted by the world. They already wait for the appearing of an avatar type figure and how much more so when the earth begins to stagger to and throw.

As in Noah’s time people will be eating, drinking, and marrying giving in marriage just like always.

When we look at the period before Gods wrath or "the day of the Lord" We see that the world is in a state of false peace .People are eating and marrying carrying on as though everything is fine. Persecution of Christians and anti Semitism will be on the rise then suddenly something happens.

The wrath of Satan will be occurring at this time. It will be a time of hatred for the people of God and the Jewish people. It will be a time of hatred for anything of God or representational of God.

When the harvest is ripe evil will be ripe and good will be ripe.

The false religious system will bring the political system against the bride of Christ. This is typified in the example of Jezebel and Ahab. Elisha with other types in the bible such as John the Baptist with the woman Herodotus and Herod who was against John. These women typify the false religious systems who will try to destroy the Israel and the Bride. The Pharacies against Jesus all are symbolized by the false system, the deceitful woman.

Most of Christendom will be following false teachers and false prophets as Israel will be with false rabbles etc.

What happened in the last days of Babylon. It happened in 70AD and it will happen again. The majority will follow the false prophets who will prophecy safety, prosperity and peace.

Only those who follow Jesus make it out before the true prophets prophecies come into being The Magi were responsible for the selection of kings. They were the wise men, the wise men that brought the gifts to Jesus when he was a baby. They were aware of the times they new of the significance of signs in the heavens of prophetic events about to unfold.

They were watching. The remnant are always watching.

What Joel prophesied will happen in the end times. It was partially fulfilled in 70AD (The Wars of the Jews) but it will ultimately be fulfilled in the end.

We will enter tribulational times but we will always be saved or rescued out of it. This is always the case in the events in the bible.

We need to be aware of:

  1. Re establishment of Israel as a nation.
  2. False prophets, sects, cults. (Mark 13:22), (2 Tim 4:1 – 4)
  3. Rise of Occultism and Demonisation. Isaiah 44:23: 49:13 (1Tim 4:1)
  4. Gospel to end of Earth. 5: Increase of Knowledge. (Dan 12: 4b) (Amos 8:12)
  5. Fear and Distress. (Luke 21:25 – 7), (Isaiah13:10), Joel 2:10 Dan 7:13, 14
  6. Lawlessness & corruption. 2Tim 3:1 – 5

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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