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The Signs of the Times

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What is important to the believer here is some of these things will be post rapture.

When the weather goes Crazy.

The alarmists who try to manipulate society for money purposes are setting themselves up for such a deception that what they believe in will seem factual. The Lord controls the weather but here we have scientists who are not being scientific in their investigations who say we are the result of weather pattern diversity. When I worked for the Canterbury museum as a research analysis my job was to label and itemize specific news events from the 19th century news papers. They had far worse weather patterns back there than know, especially over in the Canterbury area. Regardless we can see how God could easily hand people other to the deception of there control in weather patterns. Personally I think this is what he will do. He will give them there worst fears resulting in them being deceived by their own intent. I can see the Lord also really giving them something to think about also. When the church is off this earth then the church can not be blamed for things. I'm sure they will try to find something though. How wrong they will be because things will progressively get worse. It talks about a time when the ground will be constantly shaking, chasms opening up, fire and danger. The apocrypha and other prophetic books talk about this.

This is not to say that sudden unusual events are not happening but to hinge end times on that is not evidential enough. An increase in these events will certainly get peoples attention.

The book of Matt 24 talks about these times. Jesus refers some of it to the time after his death and then in the future. Locally and none locally, changing emphasis in the middle of the chapter.

There will be distress everywhere and some places more than others.

2Tim 3:1 -10 deals with Godlessness within the so called believers. There are People who are learning but never acknowledging the truth. One wonders the state of the church in situations like this.

When we look at the time of Noah they were eating and drinking until the flood took them all away. So one can say that life is functional in some aspect.

Where does it lie in the scope when Jesus says, "when you see these things begin to happen look up for your redemption draws near" Is not looking for those things seeking a sign? If this is the case why give prophecies to inform people of the times they live in. It's obvious that the lord is referring to something else with regards to a false generation looking for signs. We must look at all the relevant things taking place in a holistic view to the criteria given for a balanced approach in determining end time issues. It says a "false generation seeks a sign". A balanced Christian will have wisdom and know what to be looking for rather than the signs within this context.

It talks about earthquakes, pestilence, rumors of war. Is this only implying Israel?
In part yes but globally as well.

Astronomically as well. Stars falling, the sun not giving its light, the moon turning red.
In part it is a reflection of the Light of the lord diminishing and the moon being the bride in a state of persecution. Nature reflects many aspects of mans circumstances. “Creation groans for the liberation of the sons of man” In other word until the curse of sin is broken off it will always have an effect on nature. Anything other is what God ordains.


We are warned three times more than any other warning about being deceived at the end of the age. This is one of the main signs. It started with deception and Satan knows his greatest weapon is deception. In away people bring it upon themselves as well. They at least become open to it. This begs the question; can the true followers of God be deceived? Why would God allow them? Personally I can not see this happening unless a deliberate attempt of idolatrous behavior is favored.

We are warned against false messiahs of whom there will be many towards the end.

We are warned against false teachers, people will be shocked at who are.

If I am aware of error or unbiblical beliefs or writings and mix the truth with that then I will be a false teacher. In (1 Thes 2:3 )we are told about impurity. Holiness does not allow it. There is grace yes when we are ignorant of the fact but even then one would think that they would be unsettled in there spirits regarding such matters.

When our lord brings his attention back onto the true vine then start looking up. The fullness of the gentiles is coming in.

I think it needs to be mentioned that with the holy spirit falling or the expectation of the holy spirit to move in people lives that a false or counterfeit spirit can be allowed to come a sa form of judgementment. I say this at this time as the phenomena of the Holy spirit moving associated with the latter rain should be distinguished by the resulting fruits.

The fruits associated with the holy spirit should be

1.Does it bring honour to the person of Jesus Christ?

2.Does it produce a greater hatred of sin and a greater love for righteousness?

3.Does it produce a greater regard for the scripture?

4.Doe it lead people into the trueth?

5.Does it produce a greater love for God and man? 

The Jewish messianic teachers call the phenomena of calling down the spirit in this fashion "strange fire" in fact it is a counterfeit spirit to the 'Holy spirit" when associated with the wrong motivations.

The priests in the Old Testament were only allowed to have there garments made of specific materials. The belt was to be specifically made of flax. Flax had the ability to absorb water symbolising the Holy Spirit as other liquids do too. Basically the belt being the belt of truth. Meaning abide in the truth and the Holy Spirit will continue to in dwell. Also through repentance was the Holy Spirit's influence reinstated. We seem to have a come holy spirit request with no repentance. How can the spirit come if it does it is only through the unction of the father through Jesus Christ. At his beckoning.

When people come to true salvation it is always repent , be baptised by fire and water. E.g. water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and not necessarily in that order.

The Holy Spirit will  cause repentence to happen.

This baptism is life changing and gives the people power to resist the devil. When pastors call down the Holy Spirit and power and I see people falling away after it or some strange experiential behaviour with no fruits of the spirit ultimately produced ,when does the penny drop. I see a setting people up for a fall ,ultimately the antichrist.

WE have a new age seeker friendly Christianity today. It's come to Jesus he loves you or how can we accommodate you. This is consumerism. When the fundamentals of ecclesiology is ignored or wrong the foundation of churches are wrong. The first Churches always had theology , the breaking of bread , Prayer , worship , evangelism as essential parts of the church. There are many interpretations of the word of God and many meanings but when they remove the contextual meaning in the exegesis of that writing or it becomes contradictory this then becomes error.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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