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Why Eschatology

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Problems in teaching Eschatology today in Western countries.

  • Protestant exegesis.
  • Made up Isrealogy.  L G Ladd “Systemic theology” Corrected by (Arnald Fruchtenbirm) “Systemic theology the Missing link “Isrealology”.
  • Western formulations.
  • Deception.
  • Non acceptable criteria with the general protestant flavour.
  • Misinterpretation and lack of understanding.
  • Hidden agendas for self purposes.
  • Demonic influence and deliberate error.
  • Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • False prophets, teachers and shepherds.

With so much deception in respect of the return of the lord, the times we live and basically end time issues, there is a time now for more of the truth to be given.

The truth will continued to be given more and more before the return of the lord. It will become more and clearer. It is so important to realize this. Why? God’s character is not to hide reality from us. The purposes of clarity, encouragement, warning, fulfillment and evangelism are some of the reasons.

Above all he wants us to be ready for his return and to make people aware.

The Holy Spirit is revealing more and more regarding the truth of end times as we get closer to the Lords return.

The subject of eschatology, "the study of end times" is one that has a whole host of excuses why it is not taught or worst no longer needed. It's not that people have given it a bad name or that there’s no point, when really the main thing is to be ready at all times. Following the lord we will be ready but there are some major issues needing to be addressed to the reason why we need to go further than this. The fact that Jesus does not discount end time warnings in the bible is indicative that he obviously wants us to be aware. It's not that a local event and concern at that time is being addressed since midrashic and typological principles still apply.

They apply not only on a local bases but a global one and it is this aspect that eschatology becomes more relevant.

Much misunderstanding is attributed to this subject but in reflection of my own life has not been hugely off. I’ve just found that I have not been able to move forward much until the Lord has shown me. Things did not add up. There were contradictions. Then clearly as bells the lord showed me. He said that I could not understand this subject in a Western mind set that I needed to come from a bases of Israelology. So a shift from Protestant to Hebrew exegesis was required. It was only then that clearer understanding began to happen. He would bring the right teachers and books my way. I can see that people already maybe saying how do you know that your right? Of course I am not perfect and clearer understanding is given the closer the return of the Lord. You the reader or listener must judge that for your selves. If I am right the Holy Spirit will confirm that. I have to be obedient to the calling I have in this ministry which suggested by a friend I should call "lookup ministries"

There have been many misunderstandings or questions due to the fact that there are many false teachers out there, people who have not allowed the Lord to show them. It's evident and wide spread and hence the importance of the subject to be taught properly again. The lord wants us to feed on the wheat, true theology, not tares. Tares looks like wheat. You can eat it but it has no nutritional value at all. In fact it will end up killing you.

There are misunderstood aspects such as the return of the Lord for his bride as opposed to the Lord returning at the end of the tribulation, the pouring of the spirit in the last days.

The gospel being preached to the ends of the earth as apposed to the fullness of the Gentiles coming in or even the times of the Gentiles and on and on it goes. God is not an author of confusion and it does say to study that you may have an answer for all things. Kings search out matters.

I hope to go through and give greater understanding to these matters as the Lord has given greater understanding to me as the time of his return for his bride approaches.

The epistles were written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and were made simple for basic readers. The books of Thessalonians and Corinthians are for those who wish to get a simple view in respect to the return of the Lord. Deeper understanding of these subjects and others needs a biblical background basis. For this we obviously need to go back to how the bible was interpreted from the beginning. We thus need to go back to how Jesus taught and what he meant when he taught. To do that we need to see how Hebrew understanding of the word of God applies e.g. Hebrew exegesis.

Midrashic and typological principles are the way that the Hebrew sees scripture. Conservative evangelical teachers affirm the use of midrashic hermeneutics throughout history. They illuminate and clarify scripture giving greater understanding and meaning. Scripture used to be taught in these ways however this has all been left behind especially in protestant circles these days.

Other aspects plainly point to the future. It is these that you would think God might leave out. I say this because people tell me that as long as our lives are alright with the Lord we will be ready. The character of God is called to stake here as he wants us to know the details. He wants us to know more though, obviously more. We are told what the Holy spirit implicitly says and what the Holy spirit explicitly says concerning the end of the age... We are told to "study that we may have an answer for all things".

There also is the aspect of kingdom theology that specifically deals with the return of the lord. Also having the concern to comfort people with a message of hope, e.g. "When you see these things begin to happen look up for your redemption draws nigh". "He tells people to be ready and to keep watch for you do not know when the lord will come." Math 24:42, specifically there are warnings for Israel and therefore to the gentiles as well. One has to consider the amount of warning given in the evangelic Books, which are the New Testament books, in regards to eschatological matters. If we are being told and being taught in regards to these matters then it needs to be taught to other people for the sake of greater understanding. This can not be ignored and as one delves into more aspects of the bible you cannot escape eschatology. It's all connected and interrelated. We also need to warn people, it becomes in away an indictment. If people are warned and nothing is done the consequences follow.

The method of how we understand eschatological aspects has caused many to give up on understanding. False teachers come in here and say this is why this is not important. The fact is that these teachers are demonically inspired and have an agenda of deliberate deception. (1Tim 4:1) .

Those that follow these teachers are ignorant to the facts to which the Lord will show them the truth. Those who accept these teachings have similar hearts to the teachers.

However if they were honest with the Lord about things he will show them as he has shown me. When people deliberately turn their back on the truth and therefore the Lord he hands them over. Romans 1:24-26. The subject is important and more so as we move closer to his return. The more we get closer to the end the greater the deception and one of those is the apathy generated by false doctrine to dumping down this subject or teaching error...

Western culture has forgotten the way scripture was taught in early days and have now resorted to Greek and Protestant exegesis. (A Western hellinisation mind set)

We only go as far as to achieve sensible understanding of scripture within the context.

We seem to leave it at that and go no further. The problem is that it requires far deeper understanding sometimes. God will give greater understanding in the last days. Revelation is given for those who are his.

Understanding scripture will be very important in association to our faith in the last days. We need to distinguish how Jesus taught about end time subjects.

Four ways of interpretation are:

  1. Prederistic: Already happened but going to happen again in the future.
  2. Historicism: Everything has happened in the early church.
  3. Polemism: Revelation given to encourage Christians through persecution.
  4. Futurism: Is all going to happen in the future.

Western thinking is that there are predictions and they are yet to happen. They categorize them into the four labels thus shown.

Hebrews thinking is that there are multiple fulfillments, recapitulations of events giving a pattern to an ultimate fulfillment.

The Jews understood all four. Jesus used all four to explain end times. One moment he would be explaining something in their time and then jumps to the future. Sometimes he would use all four in one paragraph.

People argue and ask the question "how do we know that we are living in the last days". Persecution and some aspects of eschatological events are already happening with people. Chinese, Middle Eastern Christians have been persecuted for years.

Specific catastrophes have been happening here and there. False prophets and deception have been here and there. People have thought in times gone by that they were sincerely in the last days. It certainly seemed so due to the local nature of events. There in lies the reason. It was local and not global as escatalogical matters should be placed in that context. People today therefore conclude that this provides an on going issue with the conclusion of escatological events happening in there time being irrelevant. They need to be reminded of the bigger picture to a global setting and it's relevance therefore to timing especially as a gentile.

These are some of the things that have been happening already so what determines the closeness of the Lords return. It is not just those things but everything summative that is happening. Some things apply locally for Israel such as in (Joel) and some things globally for all mankind. E.g. the amount of Jewish people coming to the lord at this time, more than any other time in fact. What does the lord say explicitly and implicitly will be happening in the last days. Weather for Israel or the world, each determines timing. We are not given dates but simply what will be happening in that time.

So Gods heart is to inform people and our job should be to as well and is why he has teachers. Many non believers want to know what is happening today. They will certainly want to know what happening up ahead when the fabric of society starts to be undermined and the stability of the world is at stake. There will come a time too when people won't be worried. When everything seems to be at peace and stability has returned. This apathy will catch many people off guard. The day of the lord covers this in my other writings. "Peace, peace then sudden destruction."

It says to "study to show thy self approved that we may have an answer to all things"

Also Prov 19:2 "It is not good for a soul to be without Knowledge".

The question must also be asked why there is a blessing for those who read Revelation.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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