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Typologies of the rapture

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Meaning of typology

Typology is an example given which symbolises or has a parallel meaning behind.

An example is a city. It can also mean the world, or the seas can mean the mass of people. This can extend into patterns of behaviour that are repeated in different ways and examples elsewhere through the bible but still giving the same theme.

There are many typologies of the rapture and many other things that protestant exegesis misses out. The Baptists used to be aware of this understanding. Splurgen was right, he said "when the Baptist begins to compromise the word of God they will lose this understanding" Unfortunately this has become true. Each typology gives us greater understanding to how things will be in the end. Each is a pattern and each typological example conglomerately provides us with a clearer understanding of how things will be at the end of the age.

Noah and the flood.

Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah Rehab
Moses and Egypt. Enoch.

Moses and Elijah. Daniel
Abraham's servant. Song of Solomon
300AD Wars of the Jews.

The five foolish virgins / song of Solomon.

Noah and the flood.

Noah and his family is a typology of the church in our times and further ahead. We can
conclude this because the bible is seen in Hebrew eyes as a loaf of bread. The end is like the beginning. Jesus also says ' "as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the end of the age."

We have a world that has gone beyond the rotten apple stage - a stage that God cannot allow to continue. To do so would have endangered the existence of humanity.

Noah and his family were the only righteous ones left. This is incredible. The minority will only make it out of here. When there is a great falling away there will only be a minority left. Judgement was imminent and a way of escape had been planned by the Lord. It required His obedience though. When the rain came it was too late for the unrighteous. It will be too late for the five foolish virgins, the bride who was not ready in the song of Solomon and for Lots wife. It will be too late for the luke warm, the fence sitters. Judgement happens and God seals the door. God seals those who are His and He lifts them up above the waters. The same will happen with the church at the end.

Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Here again we have a world that is in a state of absolute rebellion. The degree of that rebellion we see by the extent that Lot went to have the judgement of God thwarted on those people. The same way God will allow his testing on those at the end of the age until He has to finally destroy them. Lot in this situation is vexed in soul. The environment around him is taking its toll. He basically is putting up with a lot of evil. God knows and intervenes by sending two angels symbolic of the two witnesses in revelation and the spies in Jericho.
The depravity of that time was to the state that the gay community at that time would have done anything to rape these two angelic visitors. Lot even offers his daughters to them indicative of desperation. How can a father do that, I've asked myself.

One begins to understand the magnitude of fear, of aggression at that time. So God blinded them and still they persisted. Unleavened bread is cooked for a meal, In other words those who feed on proper food; proper theology will be kept in the light, kept in the truth. Those who are honest with God, who really want to follow Him will be guided and protected. The time came when God had to judge. Things had got that bad He had to destroy and remove that element out of His creation. Here Lot and his family were not kept in the place of judgement and protected but taken out of it. The church will also be taken out of the judgement that will come upon the whole world. The church will be taken out also.


Jericho was a city that God told Joshua to destroy. Cities are always a typology for the world. Here Israel is told to do specific things. They are to march round the city several times. They are to keep silent for half an hour then blow their trumpets. This is a similar situation in revelation. There are several seals of Judgement; there is a time of silence and a time of trumpet blowing. Israel here typifies the angelic host.

In the city we have a Gentile woman, like Ruth in the book of Ruth they each typify the Gentile Bride. Rehap's heart is towards God. In a failing world God reveals His grace and the gentile woman responds to the call. She is told to hang a scarlet cloth outside her window and therefore avoiding Gods judgement. A similar situation happens when the Jews are told

to sprinkle blood on the door posts avoiding the judgements put on Egypt at that time. Like the blood, the scarlet signifies the blood of Christ.

Another interesting thing that happens with typological events like this is that two people are used to inform or spy. Here Rehab is informed by the two spies and given the opportunity to be saved. God knew ahead of time. He knows who are His and who will be saved. The city of Jericho is destroyed and Rehab is spared. The world will be destroyed and the church will be spared. She is kept away from the Judgement. In fact she and her family are told to keep indoors during the attack outside. This is the same with the bride in Isaiah where she is kept in the chamber till the indignation is passed. In other accounts they are kept away or hidden from the judgement outside.

Moses and Egypt.

Moses is like a Saviour to the people of Israel, like Christ is to people world wide. Again here Egypt symbolizes the world. The Pharaoh is an antichrist figure and it is in this world that the Jews are persecuted. But the time comes when Gods judgement comes on this world. They are protected from Judgements that come on the world. There is a time when they are removed. They are led out by Moses, and Jesus leads us out of this world before it is judged by God.
The man-child escapes out of the pursuing dragon he is caught up. Being the body of Christ we are caught up.


Enoch was a prophet who walked with God and he never died. He also was caught up. These caught up examples all allude to the church being caught up. Enoch was caught up in a Chariot of fire. A vessel anointed or sealed by God like the ark. The Chariot was a flaming vessel speaking of the spirit of God. The ark was pitched in and out with tar also representing the Holy Spirit. God uses substances to typify the H/S. Water, oils, wind and flames are some of the examples that typify the Holy Spirit. These vessels typify the Church. So a church full of the H/S will be caught up.


Joseph typifies Christ again like other figures in the bible. As we move along with these types the church is always presented in some shape or form and therefore can be seen as an example or pattern for the present and the future. In one of these scenarios we are presented with a situation where Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. The Gentiles are asked to leave the room before he does. This depicts Christ revealing himself to Israel at the time in the tribulation period when the remnant of Israel's blindness is removed and they looked upon the one whom they had pierced. It's this revelation with their repentance and mourning that results in the return of the Lord at the end of the tribulation. This is not the return of the Lord for his church. The church is removed before this time the same way the gentiles and people are removed from the room in the palace where Joseph reveals himself to his brothers.


In Daniel we again have a similar situation. Daniel here typifying the church is out of the country when Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego, who are in a situation depicting the end of the tribulation. The three of them symbolise Israel who are being preserved through this fiery time of testing where the Lord meets them in the furnace. The fiery trial of testing is the period through the whole time during the tribulation. Daniel is not in the furnace with them but away from the Judgement as the church will be away from this time a well.

There are many examples without me going into all of them.

Two I particularly like are in the Song of Solomon and in the historical records of the Wars of the Jews.

The Song of Solomon has two scenarios of a lover that was ready for when the king came and one when she wasn't. The picture presented of the five foolish virgins also gives us an account of the same example. Five were ready and five weren't. Matth2 5:1- 13 God knows who are ready, He knows who aren't and He warns those who aren't. It gives an account of what happens to the bride in both of these occasions. The lover in the Song of Solomon who was not ready had her hands covered in myrrh, a symbol of readiness for persecution. "The watchmen beat her" SoS 5:7 The five foolish virgins were left out in the dark. Darkness or night time also represents the tribulation time. When did the thief come? During the night Jesus here represents the thief. The thief steals away the bride.

The Wars of the Jews.

Even though it was 300 AD the historical records tell us a story of when the Jews were surrounded by armies. The armies had cut all food and water going in and out of the city. It got so bad that people where eating the afterbirth from new born babies to stay alive. The worst people were the religious hypocrites who were cruel to their own people. This gives a picture of how bad things will get towards the end.

A remnant of the people in this city knew of the promises of God and on a particular night an angel opened a gate that would normally take eight men to open and they walked out and up Mount Zion. For some reason the army that night went elsewhere. It must be understood that God so easily can blind the eyes of that army also. He has specific ways of doing things and there will be a reason why God did it that way too. Maybe it's to say that He will keep our enemies away from those who obey Him at their time of rescue. Again this remnant typifies the church in a time of distress in the world. She is removed before the worst part of it. There comes a time she is taken out, and notice, not only out but up as well.

Direct scriptures relating to the removal of the Church.

"Come into the wedding chamber until the indignation be passed". Ezekiel

"Because you have kept my commandments I will also keep you away from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole world." Rev 3:10

Matt 24;22. "Had those days not been cut short" cut short - "kolobo" means to amputate. It is used in reference to the cutting of the days being short. This is another term for the rapture. In this context it's also dealing with the removal of the bad part of the body from the good.
The bad will be removed from the good but in the way the good are removed from the earth and the bad get left here. Then God will judge the earth and all its inhabitants there in. This in itself is an act of mercy. If he didn't do this no man would survive. This begins the day of the Lord.

Dan 12:7 - At the shattering of the holy people. This is a time of persecution on Gods people, including the nation of Israel, but before it really gets bad an escape happens. Our God is not a sadist He cares enough for His bride to rescue her at the right time. The most important aspect of this though is that He can not exact His judgement on the earth while His bride is here. To keep in pattern the Lord needs to keep to this for many reasons. He will allow persecution up to a point to test us.

The references to the return of the Lord "like a thief"

A thief comes to steal, to take away. He comes at any time, suddenly. Relevant scriptures, Matt 24:43, 1Thes 5:4, 2 Pet. 3:10, Rev. 3:3, Rev 16:15

2 CO 12:2 Paul is symbolic of the church. In fact similar to Christ he also gets caught up. (Job 5:19) "In the 6th day I will preserve thee and the 7th I will deliver you."
"Be always on watch and pray that you may be able to escape all that is coming upon the world that you will be able to stand before the son of man." (Luke 21:36)

The bible can be seen as a loaf of bread. The end looks the same as the other end. This is how things will work out. How things began will be how they end. The same applies to events. For example

"As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end"

Before things got really bad as in Lots and Noah's time, not to say they were bad enough, Lot and Noah were taken out. There worlds were judged before things got way out of hand. This was an act of Gods mercy. Some scientists believe that given the state of corruption going on at that time the seed of man would have been changed, which would have been detriment to the whole human race. God's intervention stopped that. In the same way at the end of the world the same situation occurs. Matt 24.22 "unless the days were cut short no man would survive."

How things were in Jesus' time will be how it is when He returns the second time. We go back to go forward.

Looking at the arrangement of things that happened when Jesus was here will be how things end up. This is important because it helps clear up misunderstandings such as some dispensational views. Not to say all dispensational views are wrong. However the accepted view that when the Holy Spirit is taken from the world then we are taken too. In looking at the order back towards the ascension of Jesus we have the Lord going up.

Then the Holy Spirit is given to the church and the world. The spirit was already indwelling in the disciples (John 20:22). The spirit was outpoured later at Pentecost on the church. The church became empowered to convict the world. The reverse happens. The Holy Spirit is taken from the world and is not there to convict it. It still indwells in the believers and eventually we are taken up as Jesus went up. Until there the Holy Spirit reserves His people. In (Job 5:9) "In six tribulations He will keep us, in the seven He will deliver us" Jacob Prasch a prominent teacher and speaker who is a messianic Jew believes the rapture will happen between the sixth and seventh seals in Revelation with valid reasons. A great multitude of people are in heaven at that time.

Remember the Holy Spirit is removed from restraining evil. This begins to usher in the great tribulation. Then when the bride is removed the Great tribulation begins

People need to know that to understand how the Lord is to return is to realise that in going backwards gives a pattern to how events will unfold.

This is evident not only in events that have taken place in the past but the gentile age as well.

Typologies of the Night.

There are a number of examples where the removal of the church happens during the night.
shows clear examples of the legitimacy of the bride's removal during the tribulation time. Jacob wrestling with the angel.
Jacob types Israel and is thus called. Israel will go through the tribulation. She wrestles the angel through the night. Messianic saved Jews will not go through the entire night as Jacob does. They are part of the bride and will be taken during the tribulation where the nation of Israel will go through the tribulation. This is to refine and bring the nation to a place where she is placed in a situation that results in the people who do not believe Jesus as the messiah will see that He is and cry out to Him resulting in His return at the end of the tribulation. This is why satan tries to destroy Israel before that time through opposing countries. He thinks by doing that it will prevent the return of the Lord.

We have the five foolish virgins. When did the bridegroom come? - during the night. They had oil for their lamps, a metaphor of the Holy Spirit (Mt 25:1)

Other examples where we see the Lord returning during the night are.

"He is coming like a thief in the night" (1 Thess. 5:2)
"His coming is in the 2nd or 3rd watch of the night.(Mat 25:1) '
"Watchman, watchman, how far is the night." (Is 21.11)

"Work while you have the light, for night will come when no man can work". (John. 9:4)

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