My Life

So I believe it's time to start writing as it is now the time to bring together the things the lord has shown me. Shown me that this is what I will do for the unfolding of the plan in my life for his glory and his purposes. A plan he showed me I swear at the beginning of dawn and has taken forever to be prepared for. Well it seems like it. Simply the time it takes a tear drop to hit the floor. I will start at the beginning for those who want the beginning of my life and how I have come to be doing what I am doing now. Beyond the twinkle in my fathers eye to the place where my mother said to the Lord ." if it's a boy he's yours". Given a name , Richard Francis Draine also put me in a light that conjusive to the name. Richard means brave king, Francis well I don't know but I do remember Saint Francis of Assisi and Draine means a channel for water. Water is one of the typological liquids that typifies the Holy Spirit. Names are very important. I'm not blowing my own trumpet it's just that what it means. I certainly don't feel like it not that I am into nostic mysticism.

When I look back at my life and I see that the lord has kept that promise. Of course that has required the Lords hand to intervene beyond my ideologies or plans. What's that verse "A man has his plans but the Lord orders his steps" (Prbs 16. 14 ) check)? or something like that. The times where I have been determined to go my own way and do things contrary to his will. You get to a place eventually where enough of you is dead enough for the Lord to begin using you more and more. A vessel of honour for the lords use. What's my life anyway. I don't own it and what can I conceivably do outside his will that is going to benefit me when the source of all life and everything pertaining to the aspects of it come from him and are in him. 'The kingdom of God is within you' it certainly is when you invite him into your heart.

From the moment I invited him into my life wisdom beckoned me to say" no matter the cost your will be done". It has to be that it's only logical. I never estimated the sufferings I would go through.

I had a wonderful childhood I suppose having parents that were from England gave them a tenacity to explore the new land. Dad would often take us on a weekend drive of exploration, climbing hills, swimming in rivers and gorges became the norm. Picnics here and there gave me an appreciation of the beauty of this country. That beauty has engrained in me some aspect of the glory of God.

At times I swear I could feel the angels around me. I still do, and the still voice of God has spoken to me in the clefts of the rocks. High up in the mountain passes his name has echoed off the peaks. The depth of those experiences has permanently marred me. Growing up in the country and moving to the city had a big influence on me, another land to explore. Schools, constant house shifts different neighbourhoods, infighting of my parents seemed to add to the confusion of that alien world. The city, it took me quite a while to get used to it and being young, naive and innocent led me to all kinds of distractions.

My mother was a catholic and at least that served to cause me to question aspects of theology even at the young age I was. Too many arguments with the priest led me to being an unwelcome visitor. Quite frankly the services got more and more boring, understandably.

Spending so much time in the country gave me an energy and innocence that seemed to be too much in the city. I saw things innocently, and simply consequently ending me in a lot of, undeserved trouble and attention. That shock threw me in a lot of ways. The freedom I new suddenly became restrained somewhat. Take my boldness and shyness left me searching for love and answers. Due to this nature and possibly looks being picked on or treated as a second rate citizen gave cause to throw myself into the deep end of a lot of experiences..

My father seemed to have issues of how to love a son that was a bit of a hand full. I never could please him or so it seemed. But overall he was a good dad and a hard worker. A communications officer during the war and carried those skills in Radio and T.V ending up as properties master for TV2 Christchurch New Zealand.

My parents began fighting a lot,and this upheaval provided an unhappiness in my life as any child or teenager needs a stable environment to grow up in. The way parents should be who know the lord. My father died shortly after when I was the age of 15. It all resulted in a void that needed to be filled and led me to look for the truth. I had respect for the lord but and the pain drove me to seek him . Somehow I ended up in a spirit filled church in Lyttelton and ended up being properly baptised. It was prophesied then that I was never to dowt that the lord was with me even through the red and troubled seas and times I would go through. That eventually I must go into new lands clothed in the spirit of God's wine.

Man how true that's been. After that Satan tried his best to destroy my life. I ended up down the wrong path, and a web of lies began to infiltrate my thinking. The same old questions that new age thinkers think or simply the counterfeit version of many of the Christian values and facts.

Of course he brings the necessary agents to help the cause of deception. But that can really only happen if God allows it especially as a Christian. The prodigal son and the allowance of that to reveal his love and grace. As a consequence going through those things taught me many things. It just took a lot of healing and cleaning at the end of it all. The cleansing process will continue

I went to university and got a B.Sc in geology of which I never used and only ended up challenging the establishment over issues such as weather time was a constant or not and things like the unanswered questions of vertical tree trunk fossils between the horizontal coal seems. As you can image that stuff does not go well with the establishment and persecution became the norm. I often had to take back answer sheets and get the credits that had been over looked. I thought scientists looked at the truth not avoiding it. It was after that time I got into the hippy thing and tried to ride the cosmic trial.

I got to the stage where a friend of mine said that Jesus was here that he had returned and was actually Guru Mirarji. The founder of the divine light movement. It was not long before I was enlisted as a Premi and was given the secrets to God's consciousness. Simply for meditative technics involving sight, sound, taste and touch. Of course they would be the wrong version of them. So different when the holy spirit is involved. Its him then and not us and he will always point to our king our true Lord Jesus Christ.

It wasn't long that I began seeing some things that didn't add up. Parties, prostitutes, drugs if your happy then that's ok, sounds familiar? I always remember one Sunday seeing a Christian family crossing the street and seeing how happy they were. They had a wholeness and a glowand I thought there s nothing wrong with these people. The so called enlightened ones would have you believe that Christians were ignorant and stupid. In coming back to the lord I remember staying in Cust with a biker friend of mine who at the same time came back to the Lord. I remember reading about the Hidden secrets of the rainbowand how entering the age of aquarious will result in some cosmic frequency that only the most evolved and enlightened would exist in. Anyone not at that level will simply disappear. That is a great counterfeit for the rapture and the deception is worse when you get into what these guys are into.The new agers , mediums , psychics spiritualists etc all are being deluded into the counterfeit plan of Satan's with the result of the false messiah , the avator the world saviour , so people will be led to believe.They believe us christains are dumb and ignorant. But that is a judgement in it's self. A deception that will come on the whole world in the last days.

After a while premies were required to go up and see guru Maraji in Auckland once a year. It was strange because I always had a seat either side of me and wondered why. Even then the lord who I never denied but who I got abit well a great bit confused over was still deep in my life just allowing me to go through things. I think these premmies could sense that I was'nt part of the clanand that's why the seats were left empty beside me. Every where else was full. Another thing the guru always seemed to be snarling at me. We had darshan of which all went by and kissed the feet of the guru. Well when I DID THAT all I got was a snarl and a pissed off look and I though well if your meant to be the Christ you can stick it mate. The most obsurd thing I heard listening to this guy speak was about a guy who had committed suicide by jumping off a building. . He was only concerned that this guy was happy on the way down and that he could have been. Pretty crazy, the admiration was fast waning.

Back in Christchurch I became somewhat isolated and having grandeur ideas of becoming famous as an artist. Living in commercial buildings. It was then I started to well should I say satan put people in my way to further delude me. Mediums began speaking in my life. The demons speaking through them pretending to be enlightened ones, even our Lord.

They recommendended that I go to India and train in the ashrams and become God conscious. That was the leading I needed and sold every thing, what little I had, and hitchhiked to Hamilton. I thought I would say goodbye to a friend before I shot over seas to which when I think about it I don,t know how as I had no money . Behind the scenes my mother was ernastly praying for me in her home group. As soon as I met Allen he sat me down said we had been barking at the wrong tree. That Jesus had stood at the end of his bed and revealed who this guru Maraji was. A general of satan. Of course how had I not seen that. I repented on the spot and felt this tangible clunk in my spirit that put me back in the centre of the universe, that put me back home. Man did it feel like it. I felt the Holy Spirit pouring over me like a stream. He was beautiful.. There was thunder and lightening in the sky to which I thought was quite fitting for the occasion.

Boy I felt better. It took a period of time to be cleaned from all that which had happened in the past. It took some real breaking timesbut I had to go through them. You are where you are and that's the reality. There was quite a lot of mental healing and spiritual healing. I ended up at friends who being older than me took me under his wing for a while. It was a good and hard time in Cust but quietly beautiful and a great place for healing. The good old country life. Mark would take me in the mountainsand his friendship still lasts to this day. He eventually got married to the gal of his dreamsand they are a blessed couple who help many people.

I ended up down Southbridge for a number of months helping on a farm and was accepted into a family. It was a work for your lodgings situation and spent many isolated times where I pressed into the Lord. I would pop up to Cust, Rangiora to a friend who I stayed at for a while. Going from north Canterbury to mid Canterbury and back again staying at different friends places. I went to the Leeston Church and the New Life Church at various stages. It was in this time that I ended up in YWAM Wellington. It was a great time and the family, Christian teaching, community living in the city gave more healing and blessing in my life eventually heading off to Fiji during the Coo over there when Mr Rambuka was in power. The lord had said that I would be going to the islands to preach his word. I thought it would be with some volunteer organisation but happened through Youth With A Mission.

We, the group of us who went there from the Discipleship training course stayed with an indian family near Nadi. They owned a sugar cane farm. That was our baseand from there we would reach out to the villages and people who were going through the drought in the land. Many of the Indian people were a bit fearful of the situation in the land as cultreal differences and the right of the Fijian peoples autonomy over their land.

We witnessed and evangelised many of the Indian people around that countryside. The annointing was on our livesand you could discern who was open to listen and who was'nt even. We even new what houses were open and those that weren't. I new this because I tried it out. Was this my discernment or the Holy spirit guiding me, probably both. I remember walking over to a group of Indian cane cutters who had stopped for lunch. I walked over to two guys who were standing and gave them some tracks in their own language. They laughed at me probably knowing what I was about snatched the tracks out of my hand and mocking started to read then loudly and to the whole crowd. About the third line I saw the Lords prescience descend on them and a quite hush covered the crowd. They continued readingand I left them confident that my job had been done.

It was a great six weeks and a blessing all round. On arrival back in Christchurch I was open bait for Satan again. Coming from friends, prayer, a covering of protection to suddenly being on my own again was horrible. If that was a taste of heaven that I just came out I sure can't wait till the true heaven. I wonder what Jesus felt like coming herebut I can't really conceive that. I'd fallen in love with one of the Girls on the team and she also lived in Christchurch. The confident, spiritually mature guy I left back in Fiji and had nothing to offer when I came back but my insecurities. She was older than me and soon this boy was left by himself.

I went back to YWAM and did a school of missions. Helped support the YWAM base before hand as support staff and did the school of missions. This was okand again valuable lessons occurred in my life. We ended up in Featherston missionary college and did more training. I was too immature and my attitudes were wrong and therefore never went on the outreach to Bali.

What was going on? Past issues were surfacing, insecurities, etc. I can't even remember the order of how things went in those days. It all seems a bit of a blur around that time. That's what drugs and deception does.

I came back to a family and continued working there for a while until I was accused of blaspheming the Holy spirit which really sent shivers down my spine and if that ws the case realised there was no point of being a live or just trying to have a much fun before the fateful day. Being accused of such an unpardonal seen was a very heavy seen to go through and I hitch hiked to Hokitika to visit the Christian people I new. The one s who brought my father to the lord. I was picked up by some Christian who told me some pretty amazing stories that had happened in their own lives and I still wonder if they are true today. I was then dropped off at Springfield and shortly picked up by the very daughter of the people I was going to. None of that had been prearranged.. It was such as relief to know that I had not Blasphemed the Holy Spirit and that my very concern that I had was absolute proof that I had not.

So on my return back to this family I basically told him he was wrong and where to go. I found a house to rent in Coopers lagoon and came to some big dealings in my life with God.

It was a lonely but beautiful time. I clocked up many hours on the shingle road to the beach constantly crying out to the lord for release of the torment of the maze I was in my head. Even in the middle of nowhere he provided a Christian family that I would occasionally call round to keep my sanity. The nine long months of that dessert experience. It was needed though. I built a kiln out there, and the kiln had been in preparation for me. The pots I had made in those months were a reflection of me, and when It came to firing them it was to result in one of the most intense times in my life that left me absolutely shocked and breathless.

The Lord told me that I was really firing myself and not the pots. He told me that not to worry that I would get through the firing and have just enough fuel to finish it. After twenty two hours of firing the kiln and when the last cone had bent over I shut the kiln down. Well I didn't need to really I ran out of fuel and as the lords said it was enough to finish the Firing. I went into the house exhausted. Went to church that morning and came back. Standing in the lounge the floor suddenly disappeared and I was looking down a bottomless pit. Not only that I started falling into this abyss. I was so shocked I wanted to cry out but my vocal chords had frozen. It was then that every conceivable thing of darkness was trying to pull me in and eventually the only thing I could do was whisper the name of Jesus. Immediately I felt him catch me in his hand and there I have been ever since. He said "now you are in my hand and there you will always be." He chose this way to bring me out of the maze my head was in. You see I was all in my head. When I went through that I was in my heart. At last the striving and restless was gone. I was prepared to stay there as long as the Lord wanted me there and finally was contented for the first time in years.

That evening I went back to church and the pastor pointed his finger at me and said Richard you are like a pot that's just been dropped. Man that was right. One thing I new was God will speak through anything to tell you. It was shortly after that that the pastor again spoke to me and said that I will not be round much longer and that the lord will release me to go from the area. Three weeks later I was gone.

It was then That I ended up in north Canterbury again and stayed with the Pastor of The Rangiora New Life. From there I worked on the orchards. I moved back and forward from Belfast to North Canterbury a number of times. I ended up in the central Christchurch living in commercial buildings. Somewhere along the journey I ended up at the New Life Majestic house. From there I moved out to a friends place in Rolleston where I worked on the orchard there.

Some deep searching and more heavy dealings from God led me to be left on the floor prostrate on more than one occasion. I couldn't do anything but that until the power of God lifted me up again and then I could walk around.

It seemed that my time on the orchards seemed to be Gods dealing times with me. North Canterbury nearly everyday I would be crying. So many tears I must have cried a near forty four gallon full. When the Lord is on your case. When you have a specific calling the lord can break you, crush you till the vessel become so broken that only he can resurrect you. When that happens then he can use you. This has happened up till now. It was later in going back to Wellington when I did to do my School of Missions. I never went on the outreach and game back to Christchurch and ended up living in a studio. Ended up in and out of many places of stay.

Being able to get a way with new found friends into the mountains always gave relief and joy to my life. These heavenly trips leave a residue in your life that gives some small appreciation of what heaven has in store. We live in a beautiful land,and the privilege of being born here has helped develop my character. From time to time when I needed to get away from every thing I would just go take the sleeping bag and sleep by the river. It seems when one has a calling on ones life these things are important to the probing of the inner soul. It never leaves you. The quiet can be so loud some times that you miss it's eternal hug that reminds you there is nothing really in this world that can satisfy that place other than the presence of the lord. Everything else is a distraction.

As you get older you can waste a lot of time in things that have no heavenly value. If you are serious with the Lord you end up in a place that you can not go back. You can not keep doing things detrimental to his will. You are either overcoming the world or being overcome by it. That is your choice but how crazy to persist in sin. It can make you crazy. In fact sin makes you crazy after a time. As the lord impresses on our hearts the question of what one is really doing here or what one want's in his or her life it all boils down to our Lord our saviour our most incredible king of the universe. If all joy, love, peace, wisdom etc comes from him what on earth can we possibly achieve by our own attempts. Why do we do anything, what for and what's it for. What are we trying to achieve anyway. The very things we strive for he is the source of it all for us who choose life. Therefore everything we do is for his glory.

The Lord has had to deal with me severely and have had wept many times still. Having an inferiority complexion and needing acceptance and love drove me into many silly situations. The consequences having emotional instability,driven behaviours,a life all over the place. God will deal with you if you mean business. A vessel of honour can be broken many times and fired. Honour requires holiness. I am certainly not condoning being holy. I maybe of some use now only god knows.

I have now been placed in a situation where probably due to the events that are happening before my eyes and the propensity of eschatological issues ignored or misunderstood I am not only compelled to speak but required by the lord in obedience to bring forth the truth of this subject. The ignorance and deception perpetrated by those due to intension or laziness cannot be left to lie. We live in a time where more than ever before Satan would love this subject to be ignored. He want's people a sleep not awake. Our king Jesus beckons to his beloved who needs to be ready for his marriage and therefore sends his teachers to bring the truth about this matter.

When you have pastors who don't advertise about speakers who come to this city because they are afraid that the people will end up fearful then we indeed have a serious problem in our churches. It speaks much. One they are not listening to the Holy Spirit. They have their own agendas. Harlings is not shepherds, and wolves will devour. I have been to many churches where to even raise such an issue is looked on as abnormal worse a disturber of the peace." Jesus clearly says when you see these things begin to happen then look up for your redemptions draws neigh." People don't even know what to look for. People don't even understand the fact that there is not just one coming but two let alone why.

When one is not given a chance to reason the misunderstandings then those who don't allow are being deceived. The Holy Spirit prompts us who are obedient to share. If that is stopped the judgement of God will be imminent. WE are living in a time where more than ever this subject is becoming so important. People are asking more and more questions, and when pastors, elders, teachers etc can't even understand the meat of Gods word how will hey know anything in regards to eschatological matters. The messianic Jews do but when it comes to our protestant understanding we fall well short and logically so.

My Job is to prepare and inform people of these matters. I don't come from a theological background only what the Lord shows me. The Pharisees condemned Jesus because he was not brought up as they were. Those who were of the lord listened because what he said was true. Anybody who has a good heart, who is genuine and loves the truth will listen to a vessel that the lord will use regardless of his or her the background.

In the past I have had several prophecies in relation to this ministry.

The first was when I was baptised. "...though must go into new lands clothed in the spirit of Gods wine."

The second was through YWAM . "Will be given arms to bend back bows of Brass'.

That you will be at the front of the army to fight."

The third when I walked into a large church and instantly was singled out by the speaker and told that I will be going into many nations and will do great things.

I have had a number of prophecies similar to this.

A specific prophecy I remember was when I had died to this ministry.

I could not be bothered any more as no one could be bothered with me. As I walked out of the church the next day a visiting speaker from India spun round while talking to the pastor and told me "do not to die to the thing you have just died to. To continue studying and writing. That one day you would be speaking to hundreds of people not only here but overseas"

I'm just being honest with what has been said the rest is up to you and the Holy Spirit.

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