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As It Was in the Days of Noah

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The way events will end will be as it was t the beginning. The Jews see history as a loaf of bread. The beginning will look like the end. What was it like at the beginning? We are given history and examples. Lawlessness, monsters, strange phenomena, alienation on a genetical scale, obvious demonistation and manifestation, spiritual and tribalism are a few of the aspects of that time.

The question is "How long since the beginning and the golden age". In other words till the middle of the loaf of bread. Does the time from the beginning to the middle of the loaf have any equality to the middle to the end? Will it be the same time period.

Not necessarily. Once the spirit of God is removed, or evil is given the chance to have it's way the demoralisation, degeneration and down word degregation of mans state of being can happen very quickly.

Films like "The Road" and "Mad Max" typify the slide into chaos. this however to me is post raptureal and is not the environment that the bride is taken out of. Those events belong to the very end and is the worst time of the tribulational period..even in this time has the antichrist lost that much control or does he turn a blind eye to te evil arround him.

The son of man coming at the end of the age to rule on the earth has nothing to do with the return for his bride with in reason. The bride returns with him at this event.

The return of the Lord for his bride results in his judgement. The time before the rescue of Noah coincides with the rescue of his bride.

Again the main emphasis of this script is to press the point that a 4000yr period can be reversed and degrade over a few years given the right conditions. The son of man coming at the end of the age to rule on the earth has nothing to do with the return for his Bride. His Bride returns with him at this event.

To judge the timing of the return of the Lord using an equalibrium the way a loaf of Bread is to the same extent of time can be wrong. An equal volume of loaf may not be an equal time period as we are looking at the way events will be end up. The process of time may not represent the equality of proportionality in volume of a loaf of bread or say a book shelf.

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.

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