About Us

Look up ministries came about by the interest in eschatology and end times issues many years ago. As the Lord continued to show and point out things its relevance became more important. I then began to have specific words and prophecies in relation to the subject. Things take time, and the Lord has taken time to prepare this ministry. I have died to this calling numerous times,and the Lord has spoken to me very clearly about it. I have tried sometimes to get away from it but keep being reminded. Sometimes I just can't be bothered, and the Lord has warned me that if I don't continue he will find someone else and at times I have almost been tempted to let it go but do wonder at the consequence of doing that. The Lord has had to change my attitude and no wonder with such a subject as this. Many elders, leaders and pastors completely ignore the subject. This is in itself should be a wake up call to us all. 

Regardless of what people say it does have its place as it does in the bible. If it wasn't important it would not be in the bible, but it is.

The ministry seeks to make clear the whole area surrounding this topic. It serves to point out the relevancy in the times we live in and obviously more so to words the end.

It seeks to encourage people in what ever stage of life they are in and show the character of God and his concern for his people. We endeavour to comfort and bring an assurance to people in times of uncertainty and distress to bring the promises of God to people in uncertain times.

We hope to bring confidence about his promises and to give the opportunity to the salvation he offers through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's important that people here the truth of which the Holy Spirit an only be the witness of that. Look up ministries endeavours to bring and make clear the truth regarding all end time issues relevant to the believers before the lord returns.