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Lookup Ministries, the study of eschatology or more commonly known as end times. People are, and will be wondering about the things happening, and the things about to happen. This website gives a clear up to date understanding of what is happening and the things about to happen. It gives understanding from a biblical basis and seeks to comfort those now and in the future. I have been led, and prophetically, been given the mandate to present this teaching to believers in these times. This is a web site that warns people to be ready for the return of the Lord before the "the day of the Lord" It gives a better understanding beyond protestant exegesis revealing the character of God and his concern for his beloved bride. How are we to be and what are we to look for.

Be ready and do not be left behind. This web site seeks to encourage people to lift up their heads in a time of uncertainty. It gives people the option of seeing the things taking place and to look to the hope given. Not only can we be prepared but excited of events unfolding and what this means to the believers of Christ Jesus. Without hesitation I can say, "look up for your redemption draws near".


There seems to be a number of people who are having visions of the Lords return with a warning that it is closer than people think.

My Pastor Ed Carlson, David Jones, Ian Mac Cormick, Mary K Baxter, Dr Ebby and others have had visions of his return and the catching up of the believers. Some have had the vision twenty years ago. Some very recently with warnings of how close he is to returning for his Bride.

I talk to people who have become quite apathetic about the return of the Lord. They make excuses up or still think they have plenty of time. It is at that time when one should be even more alert.

No one knows the day or the hour of the Lords return true and this should not be used as an excuse to ignore the possibility that he could return at any time.

Remember the disciples asked “Tell us, ‘they said, ‘when will this happen? And what will be the signal of your return at the end of the age.”

Jesus began to tell them. He did not say don’t worry when it happens it will happen but instead at some length began to tell them what will be happening and what to look out for. By doing so he not only said what will be happening at the end of the age but what will happen from the time he had finished that sermon to the end of the age.

He commands us to watch.

So to have the attitude that he won’t come yet or he’s delaying his coming or it won’t be for a long time yet is deceiving.

The lord gives an account of people in those days, scoffers, who say “when will he return?” The question in context is spoken rhetorically and mockingly.

Many people are not heeding the warnings thinking things will just carry on as they always have been. Look out, for when you least expect it suddenly he will return.

A couple of examples are given in that we need to take notice.

The parable of, “The five foolish virgins.”

At first there were ten virgins who were ready for the Bridegroom but five became apathetic and let their oil run out. The lord tarried and they thought they had time. Their attention went elseware. “Song of Solomon.”

The same happens in the “Song of Solomon” There are two lovers. One is ready and the other isn’t when the king comes to the door.

The lover that isn’t is in bed dreaming and when she awakes it is too late and she has missed the chance.

What it is really saying is how much they love the Lord. Obviously not deep enough. Those who really mean business with the lord will be ready for him. They won’t become apathetic they will not be caught up in the things of the world. This is a form of idolatry. Who is first in our lives? Remember the sower. They will seek the truth and won’t be overcome by the world which is at enmity to the Lord.

It is a time more than ever to be vigilant and as the Lord gets nearer and nearer. In one sense I need not write but only to warn. But if I do not warn then I am accountable. God always warns. He always warns us what will happen if we do not follow him. He is a loving God. A God that laid down his life for us.

Wisdom cries out here. Choose life.

Subjects for talking about

Why is this subject Relevent

  1. Why is end times or eschatological understanding is important.
    1. 27% of the bible is Prophetic
    2. Warnings.
    3. Awareness.
    4. Biblical illumination.
    5. Clarity and hope.
    6. The gospel of the kingdom.
    7. Character of God.
    8. Told To
  2. Excuses not to have it.
    1. Only need the simple Gospel.
    2. Too difficult to understand.
    3. Too many interpretations.
    4. It will all pan out syndrome.
    5. Irrelevant.
    6. Creates Fear
    7. Apathy

Problems in teaching today in Western countries

  1. Protestant exegesis.
  2. Made up Serology. L G Ladd "Systemic theology"
  3. Arnold Fruchdenbirm "Systemic theology the Missing link "Isrealology".
  4. Western formulations.
  5. Deception.
  6. Non acceptable criteria with the general protestant flavour.
  7. Misinterpretation and lack of understanding.
  8. Hidden agendas for self purposes.
  9. Demonic influence and deliberate error.
  10. Wolves in sheep's clothing.
  11. False prophets, teachers and shepherds.
  12. How to explain end times.
  13. The importance of Hebrew exegesis vs Protestant exegesis..
  14. Midrashic principals.
  15. Typological construction.
  16. Premises of interpretation.
  17. The prophetic understanding in Hebrew.
  18. The proper use of
    1. : Futuristic.
    2. : Historic
    3. : Polemic.
    4. : Preterist
    5. : Allegorical (no literal)
    6. : Literal

What the Holy Spirit explicitly and implicitly says. (1 Tim 4:1)

How to clear up misinterpretations and multiple interpretations regarding Eschatology or theology related to end times.

Text out of context is a co text , pretext. Xxxx

Having a problem at church in regards to end time issues. I can help you.

Signs of his return

Re establishment of Israel as a nation.

False prophets, sects, cults. (Mark 13:22), (2 Tim 4:1 – 4)

Rise of Occultism and Demonization. Isaiah 44:23: 49:13 (1Tim 4:1)

Gospel to end of Earth.

Increase of Knowledge. (Dan 12 : 4b) (Amos 8:12)

Fear and Distress. ( Luke 21:25 – 7), (Isaiah13:10), Joel 2:10 Dan 7:13, 14

Lawlessness & corruption. 2Tim 3:1 - 5